Thursday, 31 May 2018

May 2018 in numbers

 What beautiful weather we've finally had this May. We were due some sunshine so I'm so pleased that the sun finally made it's appearance for us all. It's been a busy month at work and at home and I cannot believe that May is already over!

5 new plants for our garden. Dan and I headed to a local garden centre and bought some plants to jazz up our garden a little bit.

3 things sorted for the wedding. After finding our venue last month, we've sorted the dessert, our photographer and I've found my wedding dress! It's been an exciting month.

4 books read. I read lots this month, I'd really recommend 'Five Years from Now' but make sure you have some tissues handy - it's a real tear-jerker.

4 new solar lights for the tree in our garden. I am obsessed with these -they are so pretty!

May's been a lovely month, it's so nice for our wedding plans to start coming together, it'll soon be one year to go to our big day.

 I'm hoping for more of the same summer sunshine in June!

How has May been for you?


Thursday, 26 April 2018

April 2018 in numbers

 Finally, we're starting to get some spring weather! April was the month where we finally sat outside to eat at least once, and it was glorious. Sadly the sunshine hasn't seemed to stuck around but April has been a good month, definitely quieter than March but still lovely.

1 trip to Cambridge to celebrate our engagement with our best friends. It was so lovely to see everyone, we had a great time with our favourites

2 books read and enjoyed! The excitement of everything else has meant my reading has slowed down somewhat, so I only read two books this month but I enjoyed both of them so much. It's so nice to have a bit of extra time in the mornings to read, and I need to remember to pick up my book and not my phone!

1 new house - we've finally moved into our new home, and it is lovely! I'm a mere five minutes away from work which has definitely helps in the general scheme of things and it is so nice to have our own garden too

2 adventures to the bluebells woods near my house - it is amazing that we live minutes away, it's such a pretty woods!

How has April been for you?

Friday, 13 April 2018

Our engagement story

Friday 16 March 2018 will always be a day I remember. Not only did we complete on our first home, but I also became a fiance when Dan popped the question!

This bungalow will forever be special, because on the first night we had the keys,  I arrived home to a trail of candles and fairy lights leading to the conservatory and found Dan on one knee in a love heart of candles. He said some truly beautiful words (which I had to ask him to repeat after I was over the shock!) and presented me with an absolutely gorgeous ring which I fell instantly in love with. He picked it out all by himself, and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect ring myself - he knows me so well! Whilst we had spoken about getting engaged, and I suspected it would happen at some point in 2018, I had no idea he would surprise me so soon so it's safe to say I was in a state of complete shock and happiness!

To add to the surprise, he also whisked me away to NYC for five days. He started to play 'New York, New York' by Frank Sinatra, and I was completely horrified at the thought that he might have been doing a strip tease (which I would have found so incredibly awkward!). What he had actually planned was a five night trip to New York and we'd be leaving on Thursday! We had the most incredible time in New York, but more on that another time.

The proposal was absolutely perfect, I wouldn't have wanted anything more. He knows me so well - from the fact he chose to propose in private (not in public), the most gorgeous ring (sparkly and delicate because of my tiny fingers) and he booked our trip away for a few days after the proposal (so I had a few days to catch my breath) just reaffirmed how right he is for me! I'm so excited to start planning our wedding.

We had the most lovely evening after he proposed calling our families and eating in our new local pub. That night we slept in our new conservatory under the stars, and ended up listening to some of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on audible at 3am because we were both too excited to sleep!

Exciting times are ahead, and I'm so glad I get to share them with Dan. We're looking forward to planning our wedding, and setting up our first home together.
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