Wednesday, 24 August 2016


 After booking tickets so far in advance, the weekend of V finally came around. I've never been before despite it only being an hour away from my sleepy village, so I was really excited to finally be experiencing the festival - and with it being it's 21st year I knew I was in for a treat! My sister, her best friend and I were all heading off to Chelmsford hoping we'd see a few familiar faces along the way...

It was my first real experience of a festival, and whilst I was quite anxious in the week coming up to it, I actually really enjoyed myself! The drinks were flowing by 11.30am which in hindsight was probably not the best idea ever, but it definitely meant that the day was stress free - even despite me losing our tickets within 2 minutes of arriving which is so unlike me. We headed in, and met up with Mary, my friend from uni!

Throughout the day we saw so many amazing acts - Zara Larsson, Bastille and Sia were just a few of the highlights! I loved that there were lots of different stages, as it made the whole event seem much less busy...always ideal. Sia was especially good, and I loved the fact that she sang "Diamonds" by Rihanna too, as she apparently wrote it!

Justin Bieber was of course excellent, but I was disappointed by the noise levels. For the quieter songs it was hard to hear what he was singing, and I have absolutely no clue what he said between songs either - it was a real shame as many people were excited to hear him sing. Which is definitely debatable too, his voice did seem very "polished" for it being live.But it's hard to complain when you are hearing all the hits - from "Baby" to "Cold Water" - Belieber since day one!

I'm so pleased I decided to go to V! It was such a great day, and I definitely regretting not booking Monday off so I could experience both days - at least I know for next year...I loved being out in the good old English weather enjoying a festival only an hour away from my doorstep! On another note, it was also so much fun to get dressed up - I wore my hair in space buns and sprinkled glitter everywhere, it was great!

Have you ever been to V festival?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Reading | Out of My Comfort Zone

 I've always been an avid reader. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are focused around books and reading, and it's something I do to relax and escape. During university I found myself getting drawn to the same type of book over and over again. Despite there being nothing wrong with doing this, I wanted to challenge myself and read some books which were a little different to the chick-lit I usually favour. I wanted to broaden the type of books I am reading, and discover some new favourites which I certainly have done already.

Part of reading for me is being able to escape into someone else's story; you learn so much through reading, and that is why I love it. Also, I'm pretty nosy so being able to learn about someone else's life really appeals to me; regardless of whether the person actually exists or not. As much as I love reading chick-lit, 2016 definitely seemed like a good year to start branching out and reading a wide range of genres: especially as my days are not focused around university reading, or essays! As I reflect back on the range of different books I have read this year, I am so pleased I set myself the challenge. I would have never even considered some of the books I have read this year in the past and it's made me realise how much there really is out there to get stuck into!

I certainly didn't think I'd find myself half way through the year having read more than one crime book, and actually have enjoyed both despite being the sensitive soul that I am. I have read books that have deepened my knowledge and passion for Religious Studies, and I have read books that have inspired me more than I ever thought a book would inspire me (I'm looking at you The Alchemist, what a book!). I also dipped back into the realm of one of my favourite books ever - Eat Pray Love - when I read the "sequel" Eat Pray Love made me do it. This was another inspiring book, and took me back to the original book which I adore.

2016 has definitely been a year of reading books so different to the usual style that I read, and I'm so pleased I made that promise to myself! There's still 5 months left which gives me a lot of time to delve into even more challenging books which excites me too. Who knows what I will have read by December - War and Peace perhaps? Maybe not...

Have you set yourself reading challenges? What is your favourite genre of books?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Doing More

 Lately, I've been making a conscious effort to do more. Life is so much more than just living for the 9-5 (well, 8-5 in my case) and I've decided I need to focus more on the spare time that I do have. I found myself focusing on my tiredness, and going to bed as early as possible and sort of feeling that life was passing me by. So I've started challenging myself. Saying yes to that friend who asks me to dinner on Monday night, and staying up later watching that programme that I've found myself really enjoying. Life is too short to miss out on the things that you enjoy doing.

Which brings me to the weekends. I cherish the time I have at the weekends so much, but also found myself in that cycle of going to bed on time because I was "tired", or saying no to Dan when he asked me to go out and do something fun because I wanted a nap etc. The list goes on. I was craving adventure, but forgetting the fun I could have here on my own doorstep!

A few weekends ago, the sun was out in full force. So an adventure is what we decided to have! After a delicious brunch in my gorgeous hometown with two of my best friends in the entire world, I headed out with Dan. He sometimes works on Saturday mornings, and we often leave the afternoons for lazing around and doing the things we like, but missing out on the beauty that we have to see in our local area. We headed to Finchingfield, one of the prettiest villages in Essex. With a picturesque lake at the bottom of a hill, we had hoped to grab a pub coke and watch the world go by over a bowl of chips. Unfortunately, the outdoor section of the pub was far too busy but we had done something. On a whim. Together. And to be honest, that was all that really mattered to me.

Driving home, we both decided that we would take the adventure further, and we headed down the road to the pub at the bottom of our road which just so happened to have a little gem of a beer garden. As we soaked up the rays with pub coke in hand, we both realised the error of our ways and that we should really do things like this more often.

Do you feel like you're making the most of your time?