Friday, 13 October 2017

Why I Want to Explore More of the UK

 Exploring the UK is something I have wanted to do more of for a while. Whilst I have visited a fair few places in the UK, there are still lots of place I'd like to head back to, or visit for the first time! There is so much more to see than the little South Eastern side that I tend to stick to currently.

I've spoken on here before about how much I love travelling, and exploring new places, and recently I've been realising that I've been missing out on discovering my own country. I might have been to Liverpool, Bath and Brighton, but I haven't seen the beauty of the Lake District, or spend some time on a beach in Cornwall. Both of which are things I'd very much like to do. It feels a little bit like I've been ignoring some of the beauty of my own country, in place exploring the beauty of places further afield. The UK has so much more to offer than I've experience previously!

One of the main reasons that I want to see more of the UK is to know the history of my country a bit better. I've always enjoyed history, and visiting castles and other historical places but there are so many places I'm yet to see! High up on my list are Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall. The UK has such a rich history, and there is so much more for me to learn.

Not only this, but the UK has so many amazing and vibrant cities I'm yet to step foot in. Manchester has always appealed to me, and I quite fancy Newcastle. I fell in love with Edinburgh last year, and I'm desperate to see more of Scotland after that trip. The best thing about exploring more of the UK is that more often than not, you can fit it into a weekend. This is great, because you get to see more of the world without having to use up your annual leave!

Potentially, it might also be a cheaper way to see more of the world. Sometimes going abroad can be more expensive, and you are limited on ways to save money. Whereas, if you travel in the UK, you can save money by cooking yourself or driving somewhere instead of using public transport.

Hopefully in the next few years I'll be able to see more of the places on my own home soil. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

Have you seen much of the UK?

Friday, 6 October 2017

Center Parcs, Woburn Forest

I love Center Parcs. Being surrounded by nature, having access to some fabulous places to eat and cycling around a contained village - it's magical. I've been a few times in England before, and once in Holland, but Dan had never been so when we found a deal at the end of September - we knew where we would be heading for a week of R and R! Woburn Forest is the newest of the Center Parcs, I believe it opened in 2014.

We decided to book ourselves a stay in one of the three-bedroom executive lodges which also have a personal sauna. Whilst this may have been a bit extravagant, it was worth it for the week we stayed in the lodge! The lodge was gorgeous, so spacious (even bigger than our own house!), and it meant we were able to properly relax and enjoy some quality time together. We both fell in love with the modern kitchen, and actually cooked some different meals which we have wanted to do forever. As some of the restaurants are very pricey on site, it was so handy to have our own kitchen to make lunches and save a bit of cash.

Most mornings were spent in the lodge; relaxing in the sauna, reading our books and just generally enjoying taking some time out. The massive 'L' shaped sofa got a lot of use, and it was lovely to have trees right outside our door. We saw squirrels, rabbits, pheasants and even a frog! We went on a couple of walks in the forest, and made the use of our bikes whilst we could.

Center Parcs can be quite expensive if you want to do a lot of the different activities on site, but one of the best things that does come included with your ticket is access to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. We went every day during our stay, usually in the evenings, and it was so much fun! I even plucked up the courage to go on the Tropical Cyclone ride. I'd definitely recommend going in the evenings though, as most of the families will be back at their lodges and you won't have to queue up for the rides (bearing in mind we didn't go at a weekend, or during the holidays!).

We did decide to pay for adventure golf though, and we were glad we did. Whilst the course isn't massive, it took us around 45 minutes to get round and it was so much fun! With a magical forest theme, it was decorated really nicely too. Dan also persuaded me to play a game of pool in the Sport Cafe which was good!

Our midweek stay at Center Parcs was exactly what we needed it to be, a week of R&R. If you don't fancy heading abroad but really want to escape everyday life, Center Parcs is one of your best bets.

Have you ever been to Center Parcs? Did you go to Woburn?

Saturday, 30 September 2017

September in Numbers

 September is that time of year where you really pinch yourself. It's hard to believe that the end of the year is coming already, and I always find September/the beginning of Autumn quite a lovely time of the year. It's been a good month, with a few relaxing weekends as well as a little staycation break at Center Parcs, Woburn.

books read

1 mini staycation away at Center Parcs

4 episodes of Doctor Foster watched

0 the amount spent on books this month (as I'm on a book spending ban!)

1 library membership

It's been a nice month, with a week off work spent relaxing at Woburn Center Parcs, lots of books read and the start of the good telly again! I'm looking forward to October, which is my favourite month of the year - unsurprisingly because it's my birthday month.

What did you get up to in September?