Friday, 20 June 2014

Around The World

After looking at different items of clothing I have got in foreign countries, I have decided to do a post about them! I find it so interesting how different countries have such different styles, but you can always mix and match beautiful pieces from different cultures. The first piece I will be looking at are my Turkish trousers. I have been to a small town called Davutlar, near Kusadasi in Turkey twice now and I’m going again this summer! I love it there, and on Sundays they have a really cute little market which me and my family love to visit. Last year I found this amazing pair of black and white patterned trousers which were perfect for the hot temperatures there as they were baggy and cool but look amazing with a plain black camisole.

I apologise in advance that these aren't the best photos but I promise I will try to improve these skills in future blog posts!!!

I think these trousers only cost me 10TL, which is roughly £3! They are amazing, unfortunately they shrank a little length wise in the wash but I can usually make them longer if I iron them! My little sister got a pair too after realising what a bargain they were...

Another buy in Turkey would be some of the scarfs I have managed to get from the markets. They are amazing! Both years I have come back with about 5 and I always get complimented on them because they are such unique designs but they are so gorgeous. I think they might actually be used for headscarfs as many Turkish women wear these, but they work just as well for a pretty summer scarf, or a scarf to dress up an outfit in the winter. 

Turkey has also blessed me with these gorgeous sandals. They are so cute, and I think only cost me about £8! They aren't the easiest to walk in at times because they can slip off quite easily, but they are just too beautiful for me to not wear. I love them! 

On the topic of sandals, I have also got these white sandals from a visit to Madrid, although they are typically Majorcan (I used to have a gold pair when I was about 7 and I swear I still lust after a copy of them!). These are so comfortable and are the perfect summer shoe - especially for the UK. You can wear them with jeans when its pouring with rain, or with pretty much any summer outfit. They are getting a bit old now, and I must admit I have my eye on a gold sparkly pair from office. Spare £50 anyone? 

These gorgeous necklaces are brought from a hippie fair in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I can't remember how much they cost me as they are four years old but they were just too pretty not to share with you all! 

I love buying clothes and accessories from different countries! It always adds something a little bit different/unique to my wardrobe! I'm hoping to pick up some more bits to add over my trips this summer!

 Do you often find bargains buys in foreign countries? What has your favourite purchase from abroad been?


  1. This is such a nice post. I always tend to buy the same kind of things I could perfectly buy here... Oops!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Oh don't worry I do that as well! These were just a couple of one-offs! xxx


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