Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Canterbury | Boho Cafe

Recently, I was back in Canterbury (my university city) for a couple of days just to spend some time with Dan and see some of my friends! One of these friends was Steffy who also featured in my blog post about the summerball. We headed to the newly opened Primark (thank you God) for some bits and bobs then wandered down to the Boho Cafe. I had always wanted to go in there but for some reason never had, and I wish I had done it sooner because it was SO cute. 

This is the front of the cafe, and I think it looks so cute and inviting. I love the bunting and the way the name of the cafe is written. We headed in, and I was surprised by how nice the inside was. The theme was slightly Moroccan I guess but it was also very english, and it was so sweetly laid out. I'm already counting down until September because I can see myself here quite a lot.  

Sorry for my pictures - I was trying to take these without attracting TOO much attention. Perhaps I need to practice taking photos in motion!

Steffy lead me outside to the garden and I was even more excited. It is a little gem hidden away and it was the perfect weather to be sitting outside. On the back wall of the garden there was wallpaper and it had velvet on it too - OUTSIDE!! Here are some more pictures of the little garden which I'm now so in love with. I loved the cushions, floral print and chandelier! Even though a lot of clashing went on, I think it really works and it was such a love place to sit in and catch up!

As we were only having an afternoon catch up, we didn't get the chance to sample some of the food that they sell here. We just decided to get our cokes and natter over what we have been up to recently. It was so nice to see her! I took a picture of the menu because I knew it was a place I wanted to blog about, and I am already really excited to try some of the food on the menu. It isn't hugely clear but I am so excited to try the Marinated chicken skewers with cous cous (I love you couscous!)

I have to be honest now (unfortunately) and say that a diet coke cost me £2.50 which was a bit expensive in my opinion considering how much cheap you can get them elsewhere in the pubs around Canterbury. This is the only drawback to the beautiful Boho cafe, because there was definitely a "fine ambiance" as the menu says!

I had a lovely time with Steffy and the Mona Lisa at the Boho cafe! I think, due to the price, I will be back, but only once my student loan has graced me with its presence for now!

Have you ever been to the Boho cafe in Canterbury? Tell me what you thought of it...


  1. This looks like such a cute place! I want to visit now haha. I love places that have a really quirky interior x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Trip to canterbury planned for next year? You would LOVE it! xxx

  2. This reminds me a lot of a place in Madrid that my aunt loves hehe

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. aww! next time i'm in Madrid I will have to ask you what its called and go and find it! xxx

  3. Oh, Canterbury was my insurance choice uni! This looks like such a cute and quirky place, my sort of thing :)x

    1. ahh how cool! I love Canterbury..it was lovely!! xxx


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