Saturday, 14 June 2014

Guest Post - rebeccaalice

Hello there lovelies! My name is Rebecca and I run the tiny little corner of the internet called I blog about life as a student, with the occasional fashion post and review thrown in for good measure! I met Hannah when she participated in my blog interview series (her post will be up soon!) and she kindly asked my if I'd like to write a guest post for her whilst she's on holiday. So, I kindly obliged!

I am a massive shoe fan, and although I don't own many at the moment because I've just moved home from University for the summer, I did have quite a few pairs!As I write this post, I'm currently sitting with my foot up on a stool because I've sprained my ankle. Don't ask me how, I don't know! It's looking rather black, bruised and swollen, so I can't wear any of these lovely shoes, but it doesn't stop me looking, right? So, here are three of my favourite shoes I've found at the moment. 

These black shoes are so pretty! They are from my favourite website for shoes, and that is Shelikes. I actually have these shoes in the nude colour and they are so comfy because not only are the heels quite low, they have a square toe which means that your toes aren't trapped in a point and they don't get squashed! At £20, these are a bargain! You also get 20% student discount aswell!
 I need some sandals for when I go on holiday and these are perfect! I love the ankle strap design and the coral colour is so pretty and great for summer. At £19.99, these are fab!  I love New Look's shoes, they're definitely some of the best shoes around.
Lastly, these are possibly my favourite pair of shoes I've found. They're pink, and so fabulous! Aren't they just lovely? These are also from Shelikes and I think they would be perfect for summer. I'm seriously considering buying these with the 20% student discount because I think they'd be an asset to any girls wardrobe.

So, here's my guest post! I hope you've enjoyed it and gained some ideas for shoes you could buy, if you love shoes as much as me!


Rebecca. xx


  1. I love the first pair of heels, I am 5ft10, so when I "dress up" I normally stick out like a sore thumb when I am wearing higher heels! Lovely post xx

    1. Thank you! I love shoes too. I'm also 5ft 10 so I completely understand how you feel.

      Rebecca | xx


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