Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Saffron Walden Carnival

Every 3 to 4 years there is a Carnival in the town in Essex that I live near. Its called the 8 day weekend. As I'm off to Florida today for three weeks I am missing some of the nights but I was lucky enough to be around for the two main events - the opening night which was on Friday, and the procession which was on Saturday! Matt Cardle, Larissa Eddie and Mark Wright were at the opening night, and the procession is a parade of floats that goes round the town! I love the procession so much as it reminds me of my childhood. There is such a good atmosphere, especially if its sunny which unfortunately this year it wasn't!

 On the Friday evening we headed down to the common, which is like a massive piece of grass in the middle of town. They had set up a HUGE marquee for all of the events happening over the week. We got some drinks and headed to the stage to watch the crowning of the Carnival queen. There were 12 entrants, and Mark Wright was presenting! The girls introduced themselves, and then we had a round of quick fire questions! 

The Carnival queen and her two attendants were crowned, including one of my sister’s gorgeous friends Nella (who’s mum had won it 30 years ago on the exact same day!) who won the title of Carnival queen. It was time for some music!

 Larissa Eddie and her band, who have supported the Saturdays on tour, took to the stage. We were in for a treat! I have never heard Larissa before but I definitely want to again, she was such a good performer (and I loved her jumpsuit and shoes!). We heard covers of songs like 'Diamonds' and 'Heartbreaker' which are always crowd pleasers. I had such a nice time dancing with some of my favourite girls, my mum, sister and Dan!

The other performer was Matt Cardle, obviously the bigger name so the headliner (although I much preferred Larissa!). He was good, but the songs were more upbeat performed by Larissa whereas his was slower. My friend is in love with him though and was desperate to meet him! She insists that he was smiling at her though... Even though I preferred Larissa and her songs, you can't deny that he has a good voice!

Saturday saw the population of Saffron Walden (including Jamie Oliver who lives very nearby!) line the streets to watch the parade of cars, people and floats go past. We took position and braced ourselves for an afternoon of rain which in the end wasn't actually too bad. We also bumped into my little sister doing her ST John's Ambulance duty at the carnival.

There were so many floats this year, and I have to say my favourite part of the parade was the Old People's home contribution - it was a vintage style bus and all the old people were able to go on it, and they were having such a lovely time waving to everyone. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture as I was too busy waving! I also loved seeing the primary school floats as it takes me back to my childhood when I was on the floats with my primary school (one of the primary schools were playing Frozen too which excited me!). The Christ Redeemer was also a highlight for me, it made me laugh!

The gorgeous Carnival Queen Nella sheltering from the rain!

We also got loads of freebies (my favourite!)

I loved the carnival! Its such a lovely event and sees the whole community joining together to celebrate. I already can't wait for the next one...I would love to be on a float again! 

Have you ever been to a carnival? Or have you ever been to Saffron Walden?



  1. The freebies are always awesome! Looks like a great time, but I'm sure Florida will make up for you missing some of it!

    1. They were great! I still haven't finished them. Florida was amazing, definitely made up for missing some of it! xx

  2. The carnival is the best! Had such a fab time! I wish it was more often... I hope you are having the bestest time ever in Florida! x

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    1. I agree - perhaps we should start our own one to make up for the missing years! Florida was amazing, hope you are having a lovely holiday yourself! xx


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