Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

I have been inspired to do a summer bucket list after seeing a couple of posts by other bloggers. I have already had such an amazing summer and it is only the 6th July! I still have most of July, August and September before heading back to Canterbury to start my third year of Uni!

I’m going to start with some of the things on my Bucketlist which I have already completed!

·         Go back to Arundel – my boyfriend took me to Arundel in West Sussex the first time I went to his house and it is the cutest place ever! It looks so medieval and there is a castle and a lake and everything is just so pretty. Obviously, after the release of Frozen with Elsa and Anna living in Arundelle, I was even more desperate to head back here! We had a picnic in the sunshine on the same hill we went to the last time which is by the sweetest little lake, I love it there!

·         Go to the beach – I have just got back from a week in Gran Canaria with my best friend Emily and we went to the beach there. We don’t like to sunbathe at the beach so we just headed there, had a wander around and got some lunch

·         Have a weekend with Dan just us – it has been such a mad two months with exams and Dan having placement that I wanted to spend a weekend just us being lazy, watching telly (the football ofc) and eating nice food! We had such a nice weekend together in Canterbury

 These are some of the other points on my Bucketlist which I hope to complete this summer:

·         Sleep under the stars

·         Have a cocktail party

·         Meet a Disney Princess (2 days to go until I head to Florida!)

·         Visit some of my friends from University - last year I only saw two of them and I would really like to see more of them over the summer!

·         Reach 50 followers on bloglovin’ - I would be so happy!!! head over to my bloglovin' page and give us a follow if you fancy it

·       Catch up with all of my family, some of whom I haven’t seen for well over a year - I have quite a big family and its so hard to always see them as we are quite spread out over the country

·         Be happy with my uni results – I’m really nervous about getting them back because I worked so hard but even if I don’t do as well as I have planned I will find a way to do well overall!

·         Spend some quality time with my little sister before she starts uni

                 What do you have planned for this summer before heading back to reality?



  1. I live near Arundel! It's a great place. Lovely post xx xx

    1. no way!? where abouts do you live? my boyfriend lives in worthing! xx

  2. That's a pretty good amount to have accomplished already - and a good selection of things to do as well.
    I think my goals for the summer is too: Get through my sowing pile/try a new recipe each month/try to make clotted cream/get on top of my blogging schedule/have fun :)

    1. Sounds good to me! I especially like the sound of trying new recipes each month - let us know how you get on! xx

  3. I have a garden to tackle and tame this summer - once I work out the flowers from the weeds!

    1. you sound like me - I would need to work that out too! Show us some pictures when you have got it all done! xx


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