Friday, 31 October 2014

Afternoon Tea

 On the sunday after my birthday, I had all of my grandparents round for a roast dinner and afternoon tea. I love cakes, cute little teasets and cake stands and I wanted to see all of my grandparents to celebrate my 21st birthday. I also share a birthday with my Grandad, and my Granny's is the day after.

 Everyone arrived at 1 and after opening presents - I've been a very lucky girl this year, as always - we tucked into a delicious roast of my mums! (Aren't roasts always better when they were made by your own mum?)

Champagne and Rose flowing, it was time for the cake!

Dan made me this beautiful 21 chocolate cake, all by himself, which I was so impressed with! It tasted amazing, and is so lovely of him to do that for me especially as it was his first experience of baking alone. I was banned for the kitchen for the morning!

My Granny, Grandma and Mum also baked some goodies which were delicious. 

After more drinks and chatting, catch up with each other, it was time for everyone to leave. I love my grandparents, and only wish I could spend more time with them during term time so it was great to see them all and hear about what they have been up to! 

Have you ever had your own afternoon tea? Do you share your birthday with someone special?


  1. Ah! It seems like it you had a great day! I love the cake!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. The cake is amazing! Dan did so well. I love it!

  2. awh, your cake looks so nice! There is nothing better than spending your birthday with family xxx

    1. it was soo nice, I was so impressed with him! I agree, you have to spend some time with them xxx


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