Friday, 21 November 2014

Reveal by Calvin Klein

I first smelt the 'Reveal' by Calvin Klein perfume when I found a sample of it in Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was hooked. I was smelling that little piece of perfume soaked fabric until it smelt no more. I had serious plans to march down to boots on my birthday to buy myself this perfume.

However, on my birthday, I opened a present from my parents and it was this exact perfume! It was such a coincidence but what a lovely surprise. I know that this perfume is definitely going to become a fast favourite of mine. I just love it!

The packaging is sleek, and quite sophisticated. I like the pale blush pink that is used and I think it makes it girly but grown up too. The bottle is so cool, it's like a triangle but with the lid on it becomes a square. I think it's such a great bottle design, and it definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.

I hate it when you have to wait for perfumes to settle and dry before they smell nice. With Reveal, this is certainly not the case. It smells delicious from the first spritz!

The scent itself is gorgeous. It's hard to describe the smell, but I would say that it smells kind of spicy if that makes sense. It's definitely a warmer floral scent than a lighter one but it is still really fresh. It's so lovely, I want to smell it all the time!

Have you tried Reveal by Calvin Klein? Do you like the packaging?


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