Wednesday, 3 December 2014

17 Reasons I'm Excited for December

One | Harry Potter Studios (I'm there today!)

Two | Celebrating two of my best friend's 21st birthday's in London - we'll be heading to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, a Lebanese Restaurant for Lunch and to a Cocktail bar in the evening

Three | Christmas Dinners with the girls at Uni! Mulled Wine, lots of Food and Christmassy music...

Four | Rome for four days with Dan to celebrate my 21st!

Five | Moving rooms at home, thanks to my little sis. A massive room, a huge wardrobe and views of the countryside - yes please!

Six | Decorating my room at Home and my room at Uni

Seven | Christmas shopping for all my favourite people, I need to get cracking soon

Eight | Christmas wrapping - probably one of my favourite things ever, wrapping the presents you have brought in cute Christmassy paper, with Michael Buble on and some nibbles

Nine | Somerset House Ice Rink, Spaghetti House for lunch, and a Chelsea FC stadium tour day out in London for Dan's 22nd. Hopefully we will have time to head to Winter Wonderland as well!

Ten | Shopping for Christmas food - pringles, diet coke, quality streets, twiglets, peanuts, snacks galore - I love Christmas

Eleven | Spending time with all my family and friends from back home just before Christmas

Twelve | Procrastination - watching Christmas films definitely beats writing essays on Bertrand Russell - I'm so excited to watch Elf!!!!!!!

Thirteen | Watching Frozen all day every day and actually feeling like I'm in the films because its so damn cold

Fourteen | Celebrating Wigilia with my family - such a lovely family tradition, and it makes me feel so incredibly Christmassy and lucky to have the fam I do!

Fifteen | Christmas Day itself obviously. For the first time ever I'm spending it with Dan's family, and although I'll miss my family, it will be nice to celebrate with lots of people over the Christmas period

Sixteen | Boxing Day lull - this is probably one of my favourite days ever. You just get to chill out, maybe hit the sales and if not, eat leftovers, read, watch TV or films and recover from the exciting festivities!

Seventeen | New Years Eve - I love New Years Eve - Always have done, even if I don't do much which has happened for the last couple of years. Hopefully this year we'll find something really fun to do because I love being with lots of people and celebrating the New Year!

What are you looking forward to over the coming month? Happy December!


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