Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Travel | Planning a City Break with a Student Budget

I have been lucky enough this year to head to not only Barcelona, but I'll be heading to Rome as well on city breaks! For a student, I think this is a pretty good effort considering I have also been to three other countries this year. I love heading to a new city and exploring the local area - eating the food, seeing the famous sights and also the less famous sights like the Sinagoga Major which you can read about here.

Dan and I are off to Rome on Sunday, as part of my 21st Birthday celebrations, and I couldn't be more excited. However, we are 100% most definitely on a student budget - especially going so close to Christmas!

I thought I'd do a post today about how to plan a city break with a not so full budget, as I know it can be tricky to balance doing all the things we want to with a lot less money than we wish we had. Me and Dan have usually pre-planned as much as we can because we definitely think this is a key way for us to save some pennies so we can travel, just without breaking the bank in the process.

One | Look for travel deals online. When we went to Barcelona we got a 5 day travel card for about £30. When I've visited Madrid before, it cost me sort of ten euros to have a travel card for one day so this is a good place to start when planning to save money - remember to order a while in advance though so it has time to get to you before you go there!

Two | Student cards. Usually, places will state (either on their website, or in a guide book - I find the lonely planet ones give you good prices) whether they offered lower rates for those with student cards. For our upcoming trip to Rome, we sat down and worked out everywhere we wanted to visit and how much it would end up costing us - this is a good way to make sure you have enough money for everything you want to do, and enough for necessities like food.

Three | Be aware of what you have paid for. When we went to Barcelona, we booked a hotel room without any food being included at all. In hindsight this was probably a mistake. When we go to Rome we will get a continental breakfast every morning which is easily a way to save money. We can have a huge breakfast, walk it off throughout the day and it means we won't have to splurge on both lunch and dinner! We are also planning on taking snack bars in our hand luggage so that we don't have to pay for snacks when we are there - I don't know why but I always find it a lot more pricey abroad in Europe!

Four | "Is it really necessary?" I am definitely one who gets carried away buying things to remember my trip by even if I will never ever use them. Do I really need a pretty spoon, or those 8 scarves? If you know you won't really use it, don't even bother buying it! I tend to try not to spend too much on city breaks anyway by avoiding all shops as much as possible anyway...

Five | Travel deals - looking for flights and accommodation early will save you alot of money. We got our 4* hotel in Barcelona in the January sales for something like £90, and when I looked again it was meant to be £400 instead of the £200 tops we paid. Its definitely worth looking at! I've found them so good price wise.

These are definitely my top tips for being able to afford city breaks on student budgets! Looking around for deals is always a good idea, and being frugal now means more city breaks in the future...

Do you have any more tips for planning a city break with a student budget?



  1. You can definitely travel for soo much less than people think! Like waiting for sales on easyjet and the hotel websites is the best and just not going crazy with the spending and you can totally do it. I have been away 6 times this year that way! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. yeah you definitely can! Its amazing :) if you are thrifty about it you can get some seriously good deals for holidays away! xx


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