Tuesday, 20 January 2015

5 things I use my iPad mini for

My iPad mini is almost two years old now, and still going strong. I honestly think buying it was one of my best decisions ever! I do tend to go through phases of using it loads, then not using it for a while but when I use it, I use it a lot. Its just so handy to have with me for so many different reasons so I thought I'd do a blog post today on the things I use it for.

One - University Lectures

Its really useful to bring my iPad mini to lectures with me, to have the powerpoint presentation and readings accessible. Sometimes I find lecturers swipe through so fast so it is useful to have it right in front of me so I am able to work at my own pace. Its also handy if I haven't managed to do the reading that week, I can really quickly skim sections so I have things to say! Even if I have done it, its nice to have that reading in front of me anyway.

Two - Bloglovin'

Although I have bloglovin' on my phone, I much prefer reading blog posts on my iPad. The screen is alot bigger so I can read it more easily, and the pictures are bigger and clearer as well! I haven't tried using blogger on my ipad because I tend to find it alot harder to use on smart phones and tablets, but its something I may venture into in the future.

Three - Kindle

My kindle won't connect to the wifi at my uni house - very weird! - so having the kindle app on my iPad means its a lot easier for me to download books when I'm at home if I finish them. I can also read my books in the dark as well, so its helpful to have my iPad when the lights are out.

Four - Facetime 

Facetiming on my iPad is a lot bigger than on my phone which makes it so much more convenient. Me and Dan were recently apart for a while so facetiming on my iPad was a lot nicer to be able to see him more clearly!

Five - Netflix, Catch-up and Downloaded programmes

Sometimes its just a hell of a lot easier to watch netflix or catch up TV on my iPad rather than using my laptop. I don't have 3G on my iPad which is a shame because I'd definitely use it a lot more for journeys if I did. However, on the 4OD  and BBC Iplayer apps you can download programmes which I do when I know I have a train, plane or car journey to go on! I love it, especially as I hate flying. You can now use tablets on take off so when we flew back from Rome this was a great distraction from the bits of the flight I hate the most!

Do you have an iPad mini? What are the main things you use it for?


  1. It looks like you found several uses for your iPad, which is good, considering the amount of people who utilize it for lackluster activities. I especially love how the apps you have tell so much about you being an avid fan of literary pieces, with all the ebook readers available upon your disposal. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Hannah! I wish you all the best! :)

    Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA

    1. Yes I definitely have! I obviously use it for silly things too, but I do enjoy using it for a real purpose. I love reading. Thank you for your comment!


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