Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pamper Evening

Unfortunately, I had no plans for New Years Eve, so I decided to stay in with my parents and have a pamper evening. It actually turned out to be such a nice evening, and I know I will be doing pamper evenings more often this term, especially faced with essay deadline stress and my dissertation. I've been using this cute little bag to keep all my pamper products in!

I absolutely adore baths, so I decided to make my bathroom a bit more cosy by adding my fairy lights and a couple of candles I got for christmas. It was so much more relaxing than just having the bright lights on. Obviously, I used my Candy Mountain lush bath bomb that I got for christmas. It smelt amazing! I loveeeeee bubble baths so much. I also used exfoliating gloves which I'm going to be trying to use more often.

After my bath, I decided to use a foot mask with thick socks to make my feet lovely and soft! I picked up this one from poundland believe it or not, and it works a treat plus it smells amazing. I'll be hoping the same ones in Canterbury poundland.

Onto my face! I used St Ives exfoliating scrubs, a tea tree witch hazel with active charcoal boots face mask and finally finished by using my lovely Liz Earle and moisturizing. I'm so bad at using this stuff but it really did work wonders. I've had some weird chapped skin on my face for a while now and this helped clear some of it up.

Finally, all you need is a magazine to top off the night. Cosmopolitan is my favourite, so usually I will go for that. If I've read it though, I might read Cosmo Body or Woman's Health for some healthy tips and tricks!

Pamper evenings are the perfect way to destress, especially when uni work is piling up and things are getting trickier. I'd recommend them to any student, especially as you can definitely do them on a budget!

Have you got any good products you could recommend me for a pamper evening?


  1. Sounds like the perfect pamper evening! You've got to have baths with low light, it's so much more relaxing :) I also love using St Ives scrubs, they're so good :) x

  2. It was lovely! Yeah St Ives is really good :) I have a mini tube as well which is so handy for travelling with! xx

  3. It really was lovely! Nice and relaxed xx

  4. Sounds perfect, Candy Mountain is one of my absolute favourites from Lush.

  5. Candy Mountain is gorgeous! I love the smell so much xx


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