Thursday, 5 February 2015

Positivity #2

I can definitely say that I have been keeping up my positivity, and feeling so much better for it! Usually I'm so stressed out around now thinking about all the work I have to do, but surprisingly I'm not - definitely no complaints!

I thought I'd do another one of these posts because it reminds me to be grateful and positive, whilst hopefully sharing a little bit of positivity to someone else who needs it to! A few things I have been grateful for recently would have to be:

  • getting a 2:1 in my first essay of my final year - this really boosted my mood and my confidence, making me feel a lot more positive about graduating! 
  • seeing my friends, family and Dan - my parents came down to visit me, with my sister and this really made me feel more positive about the work I have to do. Dan has started placement but I was able to spent lots of time with him, as well as going on a few nights out, for coffee and for meals with the girls which were really fun too!
  • keeping my room tidy - if my rooms tidy I find it easier to be positive so this is something I've been working on to keep things easier for me when I have work to be doing
Its been quite a good positive January, so I'm going to share some more quotes I found on Pinterest which I liked and thought were quite positive.

What has made you feel positive recently? Do you have any quotes to share that you find positivity boosting?



  1. A positive attitude can change your entire outlook on life, and day-to-day situations. Keep up the good work :) What has been helping me reduce my anxiety is getting off my bum and actually working out- working out any stress/anxious feelings I may have, as well as drinking warm, herbal tea in the evenings.

    It's funny you mentioned about keeping your room tidy, because I was planning on going home, cleaning up my house, then making a daily chore checklist to help me stay on top of keeping things organized. I find that a lack of organization in my life really contributes to my anxiety!

    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. I completely agree; once you change your outlook on life, everything seems so much better all of a sudden. Ooh thats a really good idea. I do work out occasionally, but recently I have just been far too busy to be able to. I might try herbal tea!

      I completely agree - when I am organised I just feel so much more positive. I have to do lists as well which definitely make it a lot easier to stay on top of everything that needs to be done!



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