Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Student Stationery

I absolutely adore stationery; I remember being that when I was younger, buying a new bag, pencil case, pens and stationery ready for the new school year was one of the most exciting things ever! When we went to Florida in the summer, I came back with enough pens to start my own class... Especially being at uni, I go through so much stationery so theres always more I'm lusting after so I thought I'd show some of the bits I've found recently which I fell in love with. All of these pieces are from paperchase and they are beautiful...

Notebooks, List Pads, Journals

Clockwise from top left

Pens, Highlighters and Pencil Cases

Clockwise from Top Left
Pencil Case | Pencil Pot | Pink Pen | Condiment Pen and Highlighter | Lippy Pens


Clockwise from top left

Paperchase are fantastic! I absolutely love the products they sell. These would be the products I'd use the most as a student - so much writing, highlighting and sooo many papers to store away.

What stationery do you use most as a student? Do you like paperchase and the things I have chosen?


  1. Im such a stationary lover. I like lists and notes and diaries and paper chase is my favourite!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Stationary is the best! Lists are amazing, I get addicted to writing them haha. Paperchase is particularly gorgeous !!!



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