Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Elvis Exhibition at the O2

Dan is a MASSIVE Elvis fan, and he is lucky enough to be involved with the UK's best Elvis magazine, Essential Elvis, who were running an event on Saturday 23rd May that Dan and I were invited to. We were to go to the Brooklyn Bowl for dinner before a VIP opening of the Elvis Exhibition in the O2 for those of us involved in the event.

Unfortunately, I was too involved in my dinner to take pictures, but I went for the BLT sandwich with fries, and Dan opted for a burger. The fries really need a few paragraphs dedicated to them alone, but as we'll focus on Elvis, I'll just say they were definitely the best I've ever had! They were incredible. A must if you are going to the O2.

After dinner we joined everyone at the escalators that lead up to the exhibition. I was so impressed by how many people turned up. As someone who appreciates Elvis, both his voice and his face, rather than being a true fan, I was really surprised that so many people were so into him. However, after seeing the exhibition I could see why. He was an impressive person that's safe to say!

The exhibition was laid out in a really good, and logical way. You almost went through the stages of his life initially, then it led into a circular room, focusing on his performing years, with lots of different rooms off it dedicated to specific things. An example would be a room for Graceland, his home in Memphis! Dan is desperate to go, so I think this place will be on our "to go" list for the future.

A couple of my favourite things would be the gold lame suit (it was so shiny!), an Elvis lipbalm, the cars and the room with all of his army stuff in it. As he was such a public figure he could have easily missed this out, but I think it was really honourable of him to go. He also wrote a note just before his return, because people had suggested a home coming party for him, and he didn't want that because he didn't see why he should be honoured more than the other men who had been in the army. I think that just shows what a nice guy he was!

I found the exhibition a lot more interesting than I initially thought I would. I knew I would enjoy it, but I didn't know how much! It was lovely having Dan there with me too to explain things a little bit more, and the essential elvis team were great. It was nice to know a little bit more about Elvis too! I can definitely pinpoint the years when he looked his most delicious!! I think I have a new man crush...

Do you like Elvis? Have you been to the exhibition at the O2?


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