Wednesday, 24 June 2015

11 Things I Learnt at University

 In an attempt to hold onto the barely there threads of my student life, I'm going to write about the things I learnt whilst I was at university. Although there were ups and downs, I think it's been important for me to recognize that the ups outweighed the downs, and the downs taught me lessons which are always helpful.

One | Get stuck in - I wouldn't have made any friends if I hadn't put my worries aside and got chatting to people. Everyone was in the same boat initially, and even friends I made later on in my university life, I wouldn't have made without putting myself out there and getting stuck in

Two | Independance is Golden - Before University, I was independent to an extent, but I knew there was room for improvement. This is something that has been achieved for me. I feel so much more confident in doing things independently.

Three | How to eat better - First year was a blur of 11p noodles. Third year was a combination of roasted vegetables, couscous and fruit. I've learnt not to deprive yourself of treats, but to eat a more balanced diet.

Four | You will stay friends with the people you want to - When you go to university, there will be friends who take an interest in you, and friends who don't. And vice versa!

Five | Love is fabulous - I met Dan back in first year, and he's just changed my world. He's incredible, and I am lucky uni brought us together

Six - Stay in touch with your family - They are the ones who will be there for you no matter what if you are lucky enough. Stay in touch with them, its important to remember them and not get caught up in your lifestyle

Seven - Try new things - Go away to a place you would have never thought about going to, join that exercise class or volunteer for something.

Eight - Do what you love - Personally, from second year onwards, I really disliked going out to clubs and would sometimes feel like I had to just because all my friends were going out. In third year, I realised it was OK to just stay in doing my own thing and I'm so glad I realised this before it was too late

Nine - Hard work pays off - this couldn't be more true. There will always be the people who get good grades naturally, but for those of us who have to work harder, the feeling when you get a good result back is insanely good!

Ten - You will cringe at your younger self - I am so pleased that I am leaving university as a different person to the person who came. Yes, I was fun, but now I am more classy and for that I am so grateful.

Eleven - To have more confidence - Both in myself, and in my work as well. I was so nervous to hand in pieces of work, but as we went on I was more and more confident that I would do OK. Some of my lecturers were so good at helping with this.

What did you learn when you went to university?

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