Monday, 15 June 2015

The London School of Beauty and Make-Up

The lovely Anna from over at anna louise-m has recently been training as a MUA at The London School of Beauty and Make-Up. She needed a model for a few of her looks so I went up with her for the day to have my make-up done! The two looks we'd be trying out were "Glam Punk" and a "Twiggy" look.

The first look was "Glam Punk" and Anna had to source images from pinterest to have ideas about the look she would be doing. Some people had copied the image but she decided to go her own way and add a little twist!

I really liked the look Anna did! It was so cool, and nice to have a change.The brightness of the eye make up contrasted with the bright lip was very glam punk. Anna used Aqua Waters for my eyes, and then MAC Flat Out Fabulous for my lips, with the lip liner from MAC in Magenta. On my face is the MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in the colour C2.

The second look was a Twiggy one. This one was more focused on my lashes, and it included having the tickliest individual lashes on ever. I equally thought this look was cool, and definitely something different to what I've ever had before. The lashes were from Eyelure, we used Collection mascara, MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in C2 again, and MAC gel liner. She also used white eyeshadow mixed with water to create the effect of Aqua Water as there was none left.

I really enjoyed having my make up done by Anna. Thank you for the opportunity!

Have you ever had your make up done by a MUA?


  1. These eyelashes keep tickiling me!! Literally the most ticklish person haha!

  2. Those who have problem to lashes tickling can opt semi permanent lash extension and get the lashes removed when there is any issue of irritation in eyelashes.

    1. yes good idea maybe I will try it one day xx

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