Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ultimate Night In

I used to be a party girl, but now I am old before my time. I'd pick a night in, over a night out (unless there was perhaps the lure of a good group and cheap cocktails) anytime. Its definitely been said that staying in is the new going out, and I'm so damn pleased! There are certain things that can make a night in that much more special though...


A night in is always better if I'm spending it with some friends, my family or with Dan. How else would I be able to justify the "sharer" bags of crisps and chocolates! Organising a night in with your friends can be so much fun, especially when money is a little tight (which is obviously always the case for early twenty year olds!)


Food glorious food! Having a great dinner, and some naughty snacks can make your night out even better. At the moment, I've been really enjoying courgetti with vegetable pasta sauce, or burrito bowls. Both are so tasty but healthy too! I'm such a sucker for crisps when it comes to snacky bits.


One of my main priorities is comfort. The pyjamas are always on, with thick fluffy socks and my duvet. Dan and I have even built a fort before which was so fun and made staying in even better!


Face masks, nail varnish and hair masks make the perfect pamper evening. I always feel so good about myself after doing a face or hair mask and making my nails look super pretty. You can always do it whilst you watch a film as well.

Good TV/Reading Material

If you're with others, you'll need to film or TV programme that you'll all enjoy. I'm just about to start the friends boxset which I'm so excited about, and Pitch Perfect is always a fab film to watch with friends. If I'm staying in alone, I'll always be found with a magazine or good book in my hand. My favourite magazines are Cosmopolitan and Glamour!

What would make your night in the ultimate one? Do you prefer staying in or going out?



  1. A fort!? Did you take pictures?? That sounds fun!

    1. Yes a fort! We did take pictures. It was a living room fort over the floor, and it was so much fun!! I'll definitely be doing it again soon xx


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