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90's Kids

Blogger chats are always a huge source of inspiration for me. I have written a couple of posts after chats, and after a fantastic #bdib chat, I knew I would be writing up a post about the things that I remember from my childhood. I had a GREAT childhood, I was very lucky. This post has been so much fun to write remembering all the fun things that used to happen when I was younger.

The Toys and Games

If you are a 90's kid and can't remember at least one of these toys and games, if not all of them, then shame on you. Betty Spaghetti, Funky Friends and Groovy Chick. I still miss my groovy chick cover and funky friends pencil case, and only ever have fond memories of the good old betty spaghetti! I absolutely LOVED the sims. I was addicted, I'd play for hours and hours on end creating my own people and houses and everything. I went through sims 1, 2 and 3 and I'm really wishing for Sims 4 soon. I do get a bit bored of it now, but the memories attached to it are just too good. I remember teaching my godmother to play it when I was about 7 or 8 and she went home and brought it! I was so proud of myself for sharing the greatness that is the sims.

Harry Potter

So so very cliche, but what 90's kid doesn't get excited about Harry Potter? I still feel so warm and tingly when I think about it. I grew up reading the books in my grandparents garden during the summer, and they just make me soo happy. I'm so sad it's over now...

TV programmes

Obviously it all started with the teletubbies, and progressed onto the brilliance that is the Queen's Nose, Ghost Hunters, Tracey Beaker and Jungle Run. Raven was good, as was Mona the Vampire and Arthur. Why don't kids these days have as much choice? Our TV was so much better!

Food and Drink

Panda Pops at the school disco were a must. Sweeties from the cash and carry at school fetes, and how could I even forget school turkey twizzlers! Mr freeze ice lollies at sports day, slush puppies and candy floss. Obviously I did eat healthier than this when I was a child, these were just the special and exciting treat foods...

Hair Braids

It may seem a little odd to have a whole section dedicated to hair braids, but I just loved them. When we were younger, me and my sister used to have them done whenever we went on holiday. I usually opted for purple and orange! Whenever you had a hair braid, you knew it was the summer holidays and it was just such an exciting feeling! The worst bit was when you had to cut it off before going back to school in September, it was such a come down and a real reminder that you're summer was well and truly over and done with.

School Trips

How good was a school trip!? Not only did you get out of lessons for the day, but you'd usually have a nice lunch and the chance to have a bit of your own pocket money to spend too! The activities were always good fun as well. Some of the best school trips I ever went on were to Walton on the Naze, Colchester Castle and the Globe Theatre. The whole atmosphere of going off on a trip was so much fun!


Some of the fashion choices were definitely questionable. There's a great picture of me in a bright orange t-shirt and yellow and orange patterned cycling shorts - really mum!? However, stripey socks were theeee coolest thing, and whenever I think about a certain red dress with such pretty beading around the neck it actually makes me sad I'll never wear it again, let alone see it! It was such a great dress. I'm pleased that some trends are coming back in a again though - I love my new denim skirt!


Weirdly, one of my biggest memories from when I was younger was the cinema trips. I remember going to see the Prince of Egypt with my dad for the first time ever and feeling so cool. Another one I remember SO clearly was going to see was "Fairytale" and I really have no idea why!


Our family used to holiday in Majorca alot so it will always be special. I remember the excitement we all felt when we knew it was time to go away again! I love that island, I haven't been there since I was 15, I really need to go again soon!


Although my mum's side of the family is huge, and my dad's is pretty small, family was always such a big part of my childhood. I feel very grateful to be so close to all of my grandparents and to have grown up with them so involved in our childhoods. They were, and are still, always such fun! Obviously, my parents and sister were fantastic too - luckily we have always been close too.

The 90's were a great time to grow up. I feel sorry for the children of today, who in 20 years time will be writing a post about the apps that they used when they were 3 instead of the great things us 90's babies have to remember. This post has been so fun to look back on and think about all of the childhood things. As I write this, even more is coming to my mind like the aliens that used to have "babies" but I'm going to have to stop otherwise there is a small chance that you will be reading this post until Christmas (and Yes mum I will go through the Argos catalogue writing the product code down for Father Christmas!).

Are you a 90's baby? What are your greatest memories of the greatest ever decade to be born in (obviously!)?


  1. You mentioned Harry Potter.. and I LOVE Harry Potter! As a kid, my dad and I read the entire series, and every movie that came out, we watched in cinema! Such a great part of my childhood!
    Oh, and I went to Majorca a few years back - it's lovely!
    Finally, your baby/child photos are SO ADORABLE!!
    Loved reading this post! It brings back so many memories! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

    1. I genuinely feel so sad for any children born after the Harry Potter era - they are sooo missing out. Its such a shame, they were too good! Majorca is lovely yes. Haha thank you - rocking the 90's look. I loved the bdib chat because it did bring back so many great memories!!! Thank you for commenting xxxxx

  2. aww. this is so adorable. I was born a little earlier than you tho ;) so i couldnt relate to everything but i do feel the same way about the actual fun and games played outdoors

    Jessica |

    1. Yes, I think that is really one of the main things about it - we actually got out there and did things rather than just being glued to our ipads xxx

  3. Aw this is such a cute post and I can totally relate as I am a 90s baby too! I forever look back at old pictures of me and think how could my parents dress me like that. I feel sorry for the kids of today too, missing out on all the fun of handwriting the Argos catalogue code down on a handwritten list to the North Pole - the 90s really were the best :) xx
    Charlotte's Road

    1. I know - baby fashion in the 90's was not really looking too good was it?! Oh yes, that is such a shame. It was so special, and receiving a letter back or one from the tooth fairy was such an amazing feeling. They were such a good time to grow up! Thanks for commenting xxx


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