Friday, 21 August 2015

Blog Plans

Every now and then, I have a strong urge to concentrate more on my blog, and now is one of those times. I want to refresh my design, improve my photography and vary my content a little bit more, which I think I have slowly been doing more of in the most recent times.

Although I've been thinking of making some changes for a little while now, I finally have a bit of money to be able to do so. I want my blog design to be less colourful, and just a little refreshed. I also want to be able to pin my pictures, and learn a bit more about changing things up on my blog myself for when I don't have the money to do so. Whether that will be achievable or not, we shall see. Another thing I want to learn more about is SEO and things like that. I think its important that I understand it a bit more, and I do want to know more about it too!

Photography is something I have wanted to improve for a little while now. I want to have a mini lesson or something so I understand why I am doing certain things! My photos need to be clearer and crisper which is something I am really looking forward to looking at doing. Soooo many bloggers make me green with envy with their gorgeous photos.

I have also been considering changing my domain. I think its time for me to have my own one to make my blog seem more personal, and like my own. I have heard rumours of changing over being such a faff though, and as I am clueless on that type of thing, I'm definitely going to need my help!

Finally, my content is something I have slowly been trying to vary up a little more. I've posted a couple more fashion pieces recently which I enjoyed, and have also delved into some more personal topics as well. Although I'm sad to no longer be a student blogger, I'll always write the odd post about uni, because you never know who you may help by doing so. I may also try and post the odd work tips post. We shall see what content I come up with, but I do want to change things up a little as there is so much to write about!

Do you ever have urges to change your blog around? What was the best change you've made?


  1. I have made a fair few changes to my blog over the past year, it's only natural to want to keep improving. I changed my name to something that was a bit less restrictive and played around with the layout until it had the style I wanted. I also changed to my own domain, while still actually running the blog through blogger - it wasn't too hard to do and I think it looks so much better to have your own domain name, but that of course is a personal choice!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love your blog design, its always so fresh and looks lovely - I find it so nice to read on your blog too! I agree, it is a personal choice but I do believe it looks better which is why I am wanting to change it! XX


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