Monday, 3 August 2015

TV | Married at First Sight

Would you marry someone you'd never met in your life? There's recently been a programme on channel 4 in which two couples that have never met have been married on national telly! I think it's fascinating, and I admire the people who have taken part. I personally would never do it, but then again I'm speaking from a position of being in a happy relationship. So perhaps I am bias.

I can actually see what the programme is getting at. If you had a say in someone you'd end up marrying, you'd probably list that you'd want them to have similar ideas to you and that you'd like them to have a lifestyle closely suited to yours. Marriage might be a bit extreme, it's very full on, but the logic is there. Science can help you find someone who has similar interests in you, and lifestyles as well. Genes and DNA might be important as well, which obviously can be found easily through science.

It's such an intriguing programme. It's something very different, and it's probably caused a lot of uproar as well as curiosity. I do understand that too, but the main thing is is that the people who were actually involved in it felt comfortable. Watching the weddings was hilarious, awkward at times and heart warming. One couple really connected on camera. The other couple didn't gel as easily on camera, but I do feel that they would work - I could totally see why they had been placed together! I definitely think all of the people involved were incredibly brave!

The final episode was a real game changer! I was so excited for it. I was so shocked by what happened, but ended up happy for the couple that stayed together, and sad for the poor lady who was left by herself because the man was found on TINDER...appalling.

I really loved watching Married at First Sight, and can't wait for the next series! It's such a different, and shocking concept, but I really enjoyed it.

Have you been watching Married at First Sight? Would you ever marry a stranger?



  1. I watched it too and thought it was so interesting!! Such a good few episodes, I cant wait for the next series either x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It really was an interesting watch! I can't wait to see the next series either. Its not necessarily an individual idea, but the extremity of going for marriage is great! Loved it xx


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