Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Why I love the Spa

My lovely parents treated me to a spa day a couple of weeks ago. It was really well needed, and I had such a great day relaxing with my mum. I absolutely adore the spa - there is nothing better than getting away for the day and having some real quality time focused on just relaxing and making the most of being that relaxed.

The first reason why I love the spa is because of how relaxed I feel. It just takes away all my stress, and I am free to properly relax. I sit by the pool with my book, and magazine in a big fluffy robe. I always feel so comfy and safe in that robe, as silly as it sounds! The sauna and steam room make you feel so relaxed too. I always feel so much better after a quick sauna and steam. Despite having one at my local gym, it always feels better when you are in a spa setting!

After having treatments, I just generally feel cleaner and better about myself. My shoulders no longer feel knotted up from tension, my face is sooo smooth and my feet look summer ready after my pedi. I love being pampered and it really does boost your confidence after being treated like a princess all day. Plus, I can be soooo poor at looking after my skin, and it acts as a reminder to remember to do properly make my skin cleaner. Especially after working at a desk for long hours my back felt amazing after my last massage - I felt so free.

Being at the spa always gives me a lot of freedom in my thoughts. I literally think about everything, from what I want for dinner, to where I want to be in five years. I had some great ideas for my blog whilst lying having a back massage, and I feel a lot more content with my thoughts after having some real quality time to think.

Spa days are the perfect treat, and I love finding a really good deal on them. Its so satisfying! I cannot wait for my next spa day already. I always feel so rejuvenated afterwards...

Do you like Spa days? 

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