Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I recently read a post by Kirsty from Effortlessly Excessive in which she answered random questions generated by a website online. I loved reading this post, and it was such a cool idea for a blog post. She challenged her readers to do this post too so here I am. I used this website to do this post, recommended by Kirsty herself. Here goes...

What is your favourite childhood memory?
This is a really nasty question, because there are so many amazing memories, I was very lucky to have had a fantastic childhood. It is a more general memory, but it is one of my favourites; spending time together as a family regularly. I grew up having dinner always round the table, with trips into town together at the weekends, and we often visited both sets of grandparents. It's a great memory to have that we were all so close.

What is in your fridge?
Lots of vegetables, soup, milk, various sauces, chicken, mince, yoghurts, ham, cheese - the usual stuff! I've recently just moved back in with my parents, so imagine a family fridge and that's what we've got!

Cats Vs. Dogs?
100% cats. Unfortunately my gorgeous cat Ben died on Sunday, but he was 17 and lived a happy life (I'd had him since I was 4!). He was the friendliest loveliest cat ever and I miss him so much already. Cats are so much easier than dogs too, and cuter I think!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Definitely spag bol, it's my favourite meal and I never get tired of it. I've recently started making it with tomatoes instead of pasta sauce and it tastes even better - I think it is more authentic using fresher ingredients. I would happily live off this food for the rest of my life.

If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? 
I would invite all my favourite people over to my house, probably cry quite a bit but made sure I told everyone that I loved them alot. I'd probably have a bath, and read a book too because they are some of my favourite things ever. I'd definitely want to be surrounded by the people I love that's for sure. 

What is your biggest pet peeve? 
For those who know me, it's safe to say I have a fair few pet peeves. Probably my biggest one though is people not being kind. Being kind really doesn't take much, and everyone would be so much happier if people just thought before they spoke, and realised that being kind is very important. I have little time for people who can't/refuse to be kind for whatever reason.

What is something you shouldn't say during a marriage proposal?
Yes if you don't mean it. How crushing for that person to go through such an important moment and probably very nerve racking experience to then a few months down the line to be let down. I think it is better to be honest if you can, although I can imagine it being extreme pressure on those who don't want to say yes but feel obliged to because they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! 

What is your biggest regret this week?
I wish I had helped my mum more with jobs around the house. She has been amazing whilst Dan and I have been settling in, but I do need to do more, and I regret that I haven't helped more this week especially as mum has had a bad back this weekend, and has been very tired! That was definitely my biggest regret from last week.

Who are your favourite sports team?
Real Madrid, but literally because they are the only people I have ever seen play so I feel like I should say them! My family will probably wince reading this as they have always been hard-core Liverpool fans (I used to be dressed in Liverpool pjs when I was younger) so I apologise for that Dad!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?
I had pasta with ratatouille. I love having this lunch because it gives me enough energy for working in the afternoon, but is an easy way for me to have lots of vegetables too. 

What is your favourite pizza topping?
Extra tomato sauce to make it taste even better. My pizza is really odd, because I absolutely hate cheese so I'd have absolutely none of that on there. Usually I go for Pepperoni, Onions and Sweetcorn, although recently I've been loving just having veg on my pizza - peppers, tomato, onion and courgette!

Do you have a favourite party game or board game?
I adore the game where you have a person's name written on a post-it note and you stick it to someone else's forehead and you all have to guess who you are when you ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no. It's such a fun game! I love playing it with the girls, and can imagine it being super fun with your family at Christmas or something. 

Do you believe in a higher being?
 Who knows? I like learning about different religions and the higher beings they believe in, but my own personal view is that I'm really not sure. There could be a higher being, but equally, there may not be. I guess I'll have to wait to find out! 

What is the worst job you ever had? 
Probably doing a paper-round in the winter, that was always pretty horrible! It was so cold and so long and so annoying, plus some of it had some pretty rough houses so it was always scary going to post the paper because we had people shouting at us out of the window and stuff which was intimidating as I was only 13 or 14.

What is the first job you ever had?
The paper-round, or babysitting, were the first jobs I ever had. I definitely preferred babysitting! Especially because it was in the warm, and I was being paid to watch telly (although of course I made sure the children were OK!).

I loved writing this post, thanks Kirsty for such a great post idea. I loved answering some really random questions, and I hope you enjoyed reading them as well. 

What would you answer to these questions?

Monday, 28 September 2015

Film Review | Interstellar

 Watching this one a little bit too late, but after finding it absolutely incredible, I knew immediately I would be sharing it on the blog, JUST INCASE one of you hasn't seen it yet - because you really really must. It is a truly fantastic film, despite being one I never thought I'd watch, and it made me think alot as well as literally being speechless afterwards because it was that good.

I have to admit, I was a bit anxious to watch this film as it was made by the same people who made Inception (which I just did not get at all when I was younger and haven't watched since!). I thought I wouldn't understand it, and although there were times I had to pause and ask a few questions, on the whole it did make sense! I actually ended up really enjoying it.

The story is about a man, who used to be a pilot but has had to become a farmer due to food shortages on earth. His wife has died but he lives with his father in law, and two children - Tom and Murph. A couple of odd things begin happening - Murph believes there is a ghost in her room when books begin to fall from her shelf. Where they live there is frequently dust storms, and one day there is a really bad one. Murph has forgotten to shut her window, and the dust is gathering in a specific way.

Now if I explain much further, I will ruin the story for you if you haven't seen it, but basically Cooper is invited to fly the spaceship for a NASA trip. NASA know that earth won't be much longer and they have gone to search for another planet for people on earth to settle down on. There is both a plan A (find a way to launch a ship with everyone on earth on it to the new planet) and a plan B (to start a colony using fertilized frozen eggs and the team members on board). NASA had previously sent some people up to explore the worlds initially and they had been sending date back to try and work out which planet was the best. The second trip, which includes Cooper, are going to scope the most promising ones out.

Basically, this film is incredible. The actors and actresses were all fantastic, and very well cast too - I can't believe how similar young and older Murph are - it's madness how good the casting was. I was drawn into the film quickly, and I didn't even notice that it was nearly three hours long. I really enjoy learning more about the characters, and was very focused on the storyline - I wanted to know what was going to happen and whether they would end up solving the problem that they were facing.

This film also really made me think. What would we do if it happened when we were alive? Not only would we be oblivious but we might end up having to trust the unknown, and end up venturing off planet earth. I really don't know how easy that would be to accept for many. Would everyone come? Or would some people decide to stay on earth because its what they have known and they would rather die there - would families be separated or would we be organised to ensure that everyone stayed together? It's such a crazy scenario but one that is also pretty interesting to even consider! I was left with a lot of different thoughts.

Another key focus of the film was that of time. It was pretty cool when they spoke about relativity, but also pretty sad too because you knew that Cooper would be missing out on more of his children's lives (watch the film to understand this bit, you won't regret it!). What really got me though about this was that even without relativity, time passes so quickly.

Have you seen Interstellar? What did you think of it?


Friday, 25 September 2015

"Successful women do the things they dislike first..."

I recently heard the quote that is the title of this blog post, and it really did stick with me. Although I enjoy my job alot, and there definitely isn't anything I hate at all, there are elements of it that I find easier and less stressful. So last week, I decided to put whoever said these words' idea into practice, and I truly found it so true.

I started with this things I found the hardest/most stressful, then progressed back to the things I enjoyed the most/found the least stressful. Following this simple little rule made me feel so much more productive. By the time I get back to the jobs I really like doing, I've done the ones that I find more challenging which is always such a nice feeling and I think it probably makes me more productive than doing my favourite ones first so I have nothing to look forward to as such.

This is similar to being productive in the home as well, or when blogging. If I do the things I enjoy the least first, I will be excited to finally sit down and watch that TV programme, or write the blog post I had an idea for. It seems to me to be a logical idea, you have the most energy when you first start so you will use less energy on the things you don't necessarily like.

Hopefully this will motivate me so I continue to be more productive in general. It's been working so far so I'm pretty impressed by this! I definitely want to start doing this with blogging - I dislike taking photos because I don't know a huge amount about it so it really frustrates me. By doing it first, I'll have more time and more patience as well to get the photos how I want them to be, rather than leaving it until last minute when I'm flustered and frustrated because I want to schedule the post for the next day.

Likewise, at the weekends when I'm doing mundane jobs like preparing my food for the next day on Sundays, or changing the bed sheets - if these are done first and are out of the way, then I can spend the rest of the day in my pjs reading a book or watching a film without feeling stressed that I have lots to do - always a a good situation to be in.

What do you think of this idea?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

An Honest Letter to the Freshers

Heading to university is something I think schools fail to prepare you for, or at least mine did. No-one knows what to expect, and I think there should be more information on offer to you about the range of emotions you experience before you leave. I left about a week after the majority of my friends and schoolmates, so whilst I was anxious about going, I was also seeing people I'd loved spending time with for years having the time of their lives without me and our tight knit group of friends which was hard. No-one had even remotely prepared me for that!

(Make the most of uni, you'll be here before you know it!)

You will experience so many emotions leaving for university, and that's a good thing. You will feel excitement at the great experience that is awaiting you. You might be anxious about meeting new people and having to find your way in a brand new city, which is totally OK too. You might feel sad about the fact that you are leaving your family behind, and the friends you have spent so much special time with during your school years. But equally, you might not feel any of those things and feel completely different - thats just how I felt!

But, it is worth it. The best advice I can give you is to accept how you are feeling about university, but go into it with an open mind. It might take you a few weeks to find the people you'll stick with for the rest of your uni years, or you might find them within days. You may lose some friends from home along the way but the ones that care will stay with you and you'll be celebrating your graduation with them before you knew it. You will miss your family, but the independence and experience you will gain whilst you are at university will be INVALUABLE. It will literally change your life, in many different ways.

Your university years will go so fast, so make sure you make the most of it. Making the most of it doesn't mean you have to be pissed by 8pm every night, although this is the "stereotypical" view of uni, making the most of it is more of a personal thing to you. Making the most of it might mean graduating with a top grade, or making lots of friends, or learning how to cook. It might mean having thousands of hilarious drunken stories to tell too. Everyone has a slightly different experience of university, and although it won't always be a good one, you will look back at your experience with fondness once you realise what it has taught you, even if you found some of it challenging.

Enjoy your experience! I wish I could be moving back into halls with you all this year.

What would you tell new freshers?


Monday, 21 September 2015

Graduation | Class of 2015

 Last week I officially became a graduate during a ceremony in the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral. I began university there with a candlelit tour (perks of being an RS student, it was stunning) and I ended university there with the loveliest ceremony. Thankfully the weather held out, it was dry and not too chilly compared with the day after which rained all day with no stops - I was so thankful.

My ceremony was at 12:30pm, so we drove down in the morning and then it was time for me to get robed up! Although the robes were heavy, it was really lovely to have such a visible sign that we had graduated and finally the hard work after three years was done. I loved being able to wear the Mortar Board as well - I felt so proud. Pictures were taken, and it was time to head across to the cathedral for the ceremony before we knew it. However, it was lovely to be back on campus one last time - I can't believe that I won't be here again, it is such a shame!

(MY SHOES WERE £5! Just sayin')

 I was so pleased we graduated in the cathedral because I think it made it extra special. If you've never been, it is such a gorgeous building and I felt so lucky to graduate there. I was nervous to go up and receive my degree AND WALK DOWN THE AISLE ALONE!! However, it was actually fine, and lovely to see my family in the audience as I walked down cheering me on. The ceremony was shorter than I thought, which I was quite pleased about. Although I really enjoyed it, it was cold in the cathedral and we were all desperate to throw our mortar boards!

After the ceremony, and the group hat-throwing photograph, me and my family went across to the library to have celebratory drinks. We said our last goodbyes to friends, and made our way back to the hotel for a little rest before our evening celebrations at my favourite restaurant in Canterbury!

Pinocchio's has been my favourite restaurant in the city since my first term in Canterbury when my grandparents came to visit and took me there. Since then, it has become the place for me to go on special occasions such as when my family comes down, or for my birthday so it was the obvious choice for my graduation meal. It is such a lovely place - the food is insane, and the service really is fantastic. 

I had such a superb day at my graduation, really made by being there with my family, friends and of course Dan. Wearing the robes and mortarboard hat was really special, despite them being heavy and annoying, and it was a great end to three brilliant yet challenging years. I'll never ever regret going to uni, I've learnt so much both from my course and living independently from my parents. 

I can't believe I am a graduate now!

Have you ever been to Pinocchio's in Canterbury?

Monday, 14 September 2015

Velvet Fashion Show

You might remember me mentioning this event previously on my blog. I was really looking forward to attending, and it definitely didn't disappoint. I already cannot wait for next year. After arriving at 7pm, and being presented with a glass of bubbly, both Georgia and myself were very ready for a bit of shopping before the show began. I fell a little bit in love with them most incredible cardigan from Five Six Blue which might have to be on my birthday list!

After browsing the pop-up shops (a fantastic idea I think), we headed into the barn itself. The venue was absolutely unreal, and fit the theme perfectly. It was literally gorgeous, and so well done up by the team. We took our seats, and Gemma took to the stage to welcome everyone and explain that they were raising money for Arthur Rank Hospice, a very good cause.

The music began, and the models came out one by one. The first thing Georgia and I noticed was the incredible hair!!! It looked amazing, I was so envious - there were so many styles that I'd absolutely love to recreate. Plus, the hair and makeup really suited the theme too. The first half of the show was called "The Enchanted Forest" and these were more general looks created by a number of different contributors including Martha V and Lilac Rose.

After a short break, the models got their glad rags on and we saw some of the most gorgeous eveningwear I have ever laid eyes on. Velvet magazine is based in Newmarket which is obviously a well-known racing hub and I could totally see some of the outfits being perfect for race day, and there were lots of different outfits for occasions like a ball, or a wedding. The White Company displayed some more casual evening wear looks perfect for cocktails with the girls, whilst Burr Bridal showcased the most gorgeous dresses, ideal for bridesmaids! I really enjoyed this part of the show - it  left me wanting to have an occasion to go to to wear such a lovely dress...

I woke up on such a high after the Velvet Fashion Show and I am so excited to go next year! Such a fantastic evening organised by such lovely people at CubiqDesign. If you are a Cambridge blogger or local to East Anglia, you should definitely have a little look at the Velvet Magazine - I love reading it, and it's free too which is such a bonus!

Roll on next year!
Have you ever been to a locally organised fashion show?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Benefits of Washing Your Hair Less

 In January, one of my new year's resolutions was to stop washing my hair everyday. This was partly thinking of how bad washing your hair everyday is rumoured to be, and partly because I'm lazy, and wanted to cut my morning routine down even more! My hair is incredibly fine, and it gets greasy quite easily. I envy my friends who can leave their hair unwashed for 4, 5 or even 6 days!

 Having greasy hair used to be my worst nightmare ever. Some people can't leave the house without make up, I couldn't leave without washing my hair! Not only was it time-consuming, it was freezing in the winter months too because of course I couldn't be bothered to dry my hair either (shock horror!). So January is when I started washing my hair every other day. Initially, there was lots of dry shampoo, but I haven't used that in months now!

The first benefit is obviously that it takes a lot less time, which means I can get up later! I leave for work at around 7.30 everyday now, so when I'm not washing my hair I could easily get up at 7, if not a little bit later if I'm willing to just get changed and go!

 It gives me the chance to wear my amazing frozen shower cap that my parents got me for Christmas. It keeps my hair dry and ready for the day and adds a little bit of Disney princess to my morning, always a win-win situation as I'm sure many of you know.

Finally, the benefits for my hair. I'm not actually sure if any of these things are true, or if I'm justifying my decision not to wash my hair every day, but who knows. They may be truth, or they may be my mind playing tricks on me!

My hair has grown so much since I stopped washing it daily. Friends have commented on it, I have noticed it and this never usually happens! Where my hair is so fine, it used to stop growing pretty much and just go straggly - I've found that this isn't really the case anymore. It was about a 1/4 of the way down my back before I had my hair cut - this hasn't happened in years!

 It's a lot less greasy now than it used to be. Sometimes, I think I even prefer two-day hair as it seems to just go "right" a bit more than when it is freshly washed. It definitely styles better if it's not all squeaky clean. As I said, I haven't touched dry shampoo in months so it doesn't look greasy or feel it either, which is just amazing (I hate the feel of greasy hair!!). Occasionally, I even think I could get away with three day hair, but then stop myself from getting carried away - maybe one day though!

I'm so pleased I decided to stop washing my hair! 

Do you wash your hair everyday?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Cineworld Unlimited

Dan and I had been thinking about signing up to cineworld unlimited for a little while before he moved up. We thought, that although we would be spending money, it would be a great way to budget. In our budget we can set aside that we will be paying £16.90 per month, and that would be that. Our logic behind this was that we will use it a lot and ensure we get our money back.

Whilst living with my parents, I'm sure there will be times that we need to get out of the house, or they do so by signing up, it means that no matter what there will always be something to do. Even if we are a little low on cash one week, we know that there will be something for us to get out of the house and do! Plus, we both love the cinema but hated paying extraordinary prices for one film. Whereas now we can see as many as we want for the price of less than two adult-ticketed films - what a bargain!

There are also other bonuses, in the way of discounts. In cineworld you get 10% off, which basically just means more sweets and popcorn for me! You do also get a good amount of discount in certain restaurants too. These include Frankie and Bennys (which is right outside our local cinema, yay!), Chiquitos and I have even heard that Nando's is included! We'll definitely be taking advantage of this. 

So far we have seen Vacation (which was SO funny) and the Man from U.N.C.L.E which I was dubious about but actually really ended up loving. We've also seen Trainwreck which was good but not as good as I had hoped for it to be, and We Are Your Friends which was lovely on the eyes (hello Zac Efron). No Escape was a lot scarier than I thought, and I was definitely glad I didn't "pay" as such to see it. Overall, they were such good films, and it made it even better knowing that we had made our moneys worth for this month in just 72 hours, knowing full well there are loads of films coming out soon which we can't wait to watch!

Do you enjoy the cinema? Would you ever consider becoming a member of cineworld unlimited? 


Friday, 4 September 2015

Suitcase and Sandals

 Sooo you may have noticed, things have changed around here a little. I've mentioned before (here) that I was ready to make a few changes to my blog, and I've finally done it. With the help of Serena from Loves Pretty Wild Things who also has a business designing blogs and lots of other things - you can check out the services she offers here! I've been so impressed by her work, and will definitely be going to her again if I want to change things up in the future.

 Now, my blog design itself.  I am in love! I did love my blog design before, but I was really ready for a change and there were a few things in particular I wanted doing. Firstly, I wanted to keep a pop of colour but have my blog more easy to read. I love the new design, and want to show it off to everyone!!! I've also got the option to "pin" my photos, just incase my photography ever finally improves and someone has a desperate urge to pin my picture. Also because I'm in love with pinterest obviously.

Another change I've made is that I've actually got my own domain name which is pretty cool. I've wanted to do this for a while but heard that it is really hard to do. Thankfully Georgia from Mapped Out kindly linked me to a video, which made it so easy! I was actually pretty proud of myself.

I'm so happy with my new blog design, and the best thing is it has motivated me to keep on creating content for this blog that I love writing! I have so many ideas, and I really want to improve on things so watch this space..

What do you think of my new blog design?
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