Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Benefits of Washing Your Hair Less

 In January, one of my new year's resolutions was to stop washing my hair everyday. This was partly thinking of how bad washing your hair everyday is rumoured to be, and partly because I'm lazy, and wanted to cut my morning routine down even more! My hair is incredibly fine, and it gets greasy quite easily. I envy my friends who can leave their hair unwashed for 4, 5 or even 6 days!

 Having greasy hair used to be my worst nightmare ever. Some people can't leave the house without make up, I couldn't leave without washing my hair! Not only was it time-consuming, it was freezing in the winter months too because of course I couldn't be bothered to dry my hair either (shock horror!). So January is when I started washing my hair every other day. Initially, there was lots of dry shampoo, but I haven't used that in months now!

The first benefit is obviously that it takes a lot less time, which means I can get up later! I leave for work at around 7.30 everyday now, so when I'm not washing my hair I could easily get up at 7, if not a little bit later if I'm willing to just get changed and go!

 It gives me the chance to wear my amazing frozen shower cap that my parents got me for Christmas. It keeps my hair dry and ready for the day and adds a little bit of Disney princess to my morning, always a win-win situation as I'm sure many of you know.

Finally, the benefits for my hair. I'm not actually sure if any of these things are true, or if I'm justifying my decision not to wash my hair every day, but who knows. They may be truth, or they may be my mind playing tricks on me!

My hair has grown so much since I stopped washing it daily. Friends have commented on it, I have noticed it and this never usually happens! Where my hair is so fine, it used to stop growing pretty much and just go straggly - I've found that this isn't really the case anymore. It was about a 1/4 of the way down my back before I had my hair cut - this hasn't happened in years!

 It's a lot less greasy now than it used to be. Sometimes, I think I even prefer two-day hair as it seems to just go "right" a bit more than when it is freshly washed. It definitely styles better if it's not all squeaky clean. As I said, I haven't touched dry shampoo in months so it doesn't look greasy or feel it either, which is just amazing (I hate the feel of greasy hair!!). Occasionally, I even think I could get away with three day hair, but then stop myself from getting carried away - maybe one day though!

I'm so pleased I decided to stop washing my hair! 

Do you wash your hair everyday?


  1. I actually don't think i've ever washed my hair daily (that's unless I've been working out, getting dirty in the garden mind and then my hair just becomes this god awful fizzy sticky greasy mess) I've always been an every other day kinda girl!

    1. I can totally see why now - I'm a true convert, and I think my hair is too! xxx

  2. Great post! I used to wash my hair every other day, but now if I use dry shampoo I can leave it for 3 days. It also depends on the season, I tend to wash it more in the summer than in the winter.

    1. I'm thinking I can get that way - I had three day hair this morning, but I'm forward planning to have the best hair for my graduation next week, i.e. two day hair hahah! Ooh thats interesting, I might have to remember whether I need to wash it more in summer xxx

  3. This was really interesting! I use dry shampoo quite a lot - i won't lie - but when my hair was long I wouldn't wash my hair for 2-3 days at a time. My hair got so long but now i've cut it into a lob it's just a whole new form of greasy! I'm sure i'll get used to it soon!

    Rachael at

    1. Every hair type is so different and it takes so long to faff about working it out but its such a good feeling when you finaally doo! 2-3 days is great. I love your hair! xxx


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