Monday, 21 September 2015

Graduation | Class of 2015

 Last week I officially became a graduate during a ceremony in the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral. I began university there with a candlelit tour (perks of being an RS student, it was stunning) and I ended university there with the loveliest ceremony. Thankfully the weather held out, it was dry and not too chilly compared with the day after which rained all day with no stops - I was so thankful.

My ceremony was at 12:30pm, so we drove down in the morning and then it was time for me to get robed up! Although the robes were heavy, it was really lovely to have such a visible sign that we had graduated and finally the hard work after three years was done. I loved being able to wear the Mortar Board as well - I felt so proud. Pictures were taken, and it was time to head across to the cathedral for the ceremony before we knew it. However, it was lovely to be back on campus one last time - I can't believe that I won't be here again, it is such a shame!

(MY SHOES WERE £5! Just sayin')

 I was so pleased we graduated in the cathedral because I think it made it extra special. If you've never been, it is such a gorgeous building and I felt so lucky to graduate there. I was nervous to go up and receive my degree AND WALK DOWN THE AISLE ALONE!! However, it was actually fine, and lovely to see my family in the audience as I walked down cheering me on. The ceremony was shorter than I thought, which I was quite pleased about. Although I really enjoyed it, it was cold in the cathedral and we were all desperate to throw our mortar boards!

After the ceremony, and the group hat-throwing photograph, me and my family went across to the library to have celebratory drinks. We said our last goodbyes to friends, and made our way back to the hotel for a little rest before our evening celebrations at my favourite restaurant in Canterbury!

Pinocchio's has been my favourite restaurant in the city since my first term in Canterbury when my grandparents came to visit and took me there. Since then, it has become the place for me to go on special occasions such as when my family comes down, or for my birthday so it was the obvious choice for my graduation meal. It is such a lovely place - the food is insane, and the service really is fantastic. 

I had such a superb day at my graduation, really made by being there with my family, friends and of course Dan. Wearing the robes and mortarboard hat was really special, despite them being heavy and annoying, and it was a great end to three brilliant yet challenging years. I'll never ever regret going to uni, I've learnt so much both from my course and living independently from my parents. 

I can't believe I am a graduate now!

Have you ever been to Pinocchio's in Canterbury?

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