Monday, 12 October 2015

Blogtober | Colchester Castle

 My dad promised me a day out in the summer, and at the weekend we decided to head to Colchester Castle together. Both of us love history, and this was the perfect place for us to visit - under an hour away and under £5 with our student cards to visit. I had been once before, back in primary school and had such fond memories of it so I was super excited to visit.

Colchester Castle is the biggest Norman keep in Europe, and is actually built over a Roman temple that was destroyed by Boudica, the celtic warrioress. I love learning about the Romans so this castle was perfect. Colchester was actually named the capital of England during the Roman period of time, and many ex-Roman army centuries settled there with their families so there are a lot of possesions left from these families. My dad tried his hand at chariot racing, whilst I favoured dressing up....

 The castle has recently been done up, and I think it looks fantastic. It isn't huge but I like that because it means it isn't daunting but there is plenty there for you to see. There was a lot of interactive stuff for young children too which I thought was superb - although even me and my dad enjoyed those parts! I really enjoyed looking at the jewellry from the Roman ladies - I can't believe how good condition they are in still after all of these years. I was equally impressed with the coins! They had such detail on them and have remained in mint condition if you'll pardon the pun...

This is a monk reading a book! I loved him - soo cute

 The castle exterior was also gorgeous. it looked picture perfect even in the chillier October weather. There were some ruins outside the castle, and inside there is a well too which was really cool. I remember when I went on my school trip we went downstairs underneath the castle and it was a room that were the early remains of the temple which the castle had been built upon.

 I had a fantastic time at Colchester Castle with my Dad and will definitely be returning again. I can't believe how reasonable it is with my student discount and it is only £7.50 for a fully priced ticket which is fantastic for a castle. I really liked the fact that there was a logical way around the castle. It was basically a physical time-line which was fabulous, it made it so much easier to focus on the history of the castle itself.

Have you ever been to Colchester Castle?


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