Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blogtober | Learning

 I love learning new things, and always have done. I used to love school as a child, and although I moaned when I was older I never truly hated it like some people do. University was a completely new style of learning and one I did really love. Since finishing, I've missed learning new things for fun. University is completely different from learning at a new job. Although I like my job, and really enjoy learning new things, I loved learning what I learnt at university and I have missed that. As Oscar Wilde said you can never be overdressed, or overeducated and I completely agree. I hope I continue to learn, and learn for fun for the rest of my life.

One of the goals I set myself this month was to learn more about something fun and to do with my blog, and something that I specifically mentioned was SEO. So one night this week, I sat down with my lemon green tea (amazing btw!) and a brand new notebook from my Grandma. I got the highlighters out, and began to make notes about SEO. I've always been SO confused by this beforehand. Even though I will always read a blog post about it if I stumble across one, I don't think it ever goes in as well as it did the other day.

The first reason for this was my mood. Sometimes when I am reading blogs I am in a huge rush, either getting ready to go for work or to watch something with Dan at the weekends. I take in blog posts, but I don't maintain the knowledge to use when I am working on something else. Obviously this is bad for my knowledge of SEO and being able to put into practice what I've learnt. This time I was serious, I was in the zone and I was ready to learn lots of new things to make my blog better. Secondly, I was ready to learn with my essentials such as a cute notepad, a lovely hot drink and my favourite pens and highlighters. Writing things down always makes them stick with me for longer and I could recall what I learn that night to you now because of it.

The final ingredient for my learning session was two fantastic blog posts written by two fellow bloggers. I first learnt alot from Katie's post 5 Simple SEO Tips For Bloggers. I learnt about things like the Search Description which I had never even heard of before in my life. It was a really interesting read and I got lots out of it, thank you Katie! After this, I headed over to Jasmin Charlotte because I remembered that she had done an entire series on SEO which you can find here. I've only read the first two posts but I learnt a lot. Jasmin made SEO really approachable and I loved reading her posts, thank you Jasmin! So glad I have some more to read - which of course I will be doing with my gorgeous new notepad. If you are looking to learn more about SEO I'd really recommend you head over to these as they have been so helpful to me.

I'm so pleased I took the time out this week to learn something new, and something very useful at that. I'm just off to check the permalinks and keywords I learnt so much about during my little session. I think I'm going to dedicate some time weekly to learn something new because who knows where I could be this time next year if I keep on learning - SEO expert? Fluent in Spanish, Polish and Italian? We shall see..

Do you like learning new things? What have you learnt recently?


  1. There is just so much to SEO! But it's such a useful skill to learn. I did my placement year at uni at an SEO agency and I still feel like I have no idea where to start with it when it comes to blogging haha!

    Laura xx

    1. Yeah it is a useful skill to have and I am pleased I know more. I'd definitely recommend you checking those posts out, they were fabulous xxx

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