Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Things to Do When You are Having a Bad Week

Last week was terrible. I did my best at work, but with the other member of my team away, and everyone being so busy due to the season, I didn't get it all done. I hate doing this, and I find it quite stressful at the best of times. I also had a car crash. My first ever one, and I hit a deer on the way home from work. It was petrifying, and my car is now off the road and costing me £500 to repair. Thankfully, the deer was OK, and I wasn't hurt - but still, it was pretty rubbish. HOWEVER, despite having a terrible week, I got through it, and I feel so much better for that.

Here's a few things I like to do when I'm having a bad week.

One/ Have a super early night - One night last week, I came home, had dinner and got into bed at around 8 o clock. I was too tired to even consider reading my book, and eventually fell asleep. Although I was still tired the next day (always so so tired!), I felt so much better for just giving in and giving my body the rest it clearly needed.

Two/ Have a bubble bath - I am a Lush addict, and there truly is nothing better than getting warmed up in a Lush bath. My bath bomb of choice was Intergalactic, and I truly felt like a space princess. The water was such a dark blue, and was sooo incredibly sparkly which is right up my street. There is nothing more relaxing than just lying in a sparkly bath.

Three/ Take some time out to relax with friends and family - On two occasions I went out to the cinema last week. I saw "He Named Me Malala" and "The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2". I love going to the cinema, and find it really relaxing. I'm definitely pleased that I took the time out to go and see both of them.

Four/ Communicate - Communicate that you are finding things tough, things are always a lot better when you have people rooting for you and encouraging you to keep going and to get things right. I find this incredibly helpful, and I'm lucky to have supportive people in all walks of my life.

Five/ Start your day with a cuppa - I always always start my day with a cup of tea. It's my favourite, and I love having a hot drink to start the day and get me going. Continuing with these things during tough weeks will always make me feel better, and know that the challenges won't always be there.

Having a tough week is always rubbish, but these are just a few things that I find helps me get through the week no matter what has happened. Finding way to cope with having a bad day or week has helped me so much, I always feel a sense of achievement knowing I got through it.

How do you cope with a bad week?

Monday, 23 November 2015


 Life is getting busier by the day; I'm busy at work, I'm busy at home, I'm busy during the week and I'm busy at the weekends too. Recently I've not been able to read as many blogs as I want, and you've probably noticed that I've been posting less and less. So I've decided to take the pressure out of it for a while until things slow down at work and in life in general. I'm going to post as and when I feel like it, because I've been feeling as though I should be posting, which has made me want to post less and less despite missing blogging alot.

My blog is something I am proud of, and something I want to last not just fizzle out. So instead of worrying about whether I have posted or not, I'm just going with the flow until the craziness stills a little and I have more time to be able to write the posts I want to be writing instead of just coming up with random ideas to fill the gaps.

But, I'm really enjoying instagram at the moment, and I will ALWAYS be tweeting, because who doesn't love twitter? You can find my tweets here and pop over to my instagram for pretty pictures of my food, my village and as many Lush bath bombs as my purse will allow. Hopefully some Christmas snaps will make their way up soon too, which everyone seems to be just as excited for as I am, which is ideal.

Stay warm and cosy in this absolutely frozen weather..

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Reasons To Be Thankful

 I've had a short and spontaneous break away from blogging after thoroughly enjoying blogtober (well, blogtober until day 26), and it has done me wonders. I have missed blogging though, and missed reading blogs even more - I love reading them, especially in the mornings before work. It helps me to start the day off in a good mood, knowing I have already had some time to myself.

Blogtober was a fantastic experience, and although I didn't complete it fully - posting 26 out of 31 days is still a good achievement I think. I did really enjoy it, and admire people who blog everday so much - it was definitely a good challenge for me! My own schedule is usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I have decided to switch it about slightly. I will now be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, just for a change!

During my random hiatus, I have been feel incredibly lucky. My gorgeous drives in the work are full of positive and happy thoughts. For me, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, and recently I've been feeling incredibly lucky and positive about things in general. Writing them all down will remind me when I have moments of feeling exhausted and a bit low. 

  • I have a wonderful boyfriend, who I now live with, which is going fabulously. It's lovely to always come home to Dan, and be able to just relax, and offload to someone, when we need to. I love snuggling up in the evenings and just being completely chilled out with him.
  • My family are incredible. I have grown up within a family who provide ever-lasting support, and I am lucky enough to have been close to my grandparents throughout my lifetime. I feel grateful to have such a wonderfully caring family, which now also includes Dan.
  • My friends. I am lucky to have friends from when I was in year 8 still, and newer friends too. Seeing friends is amazing, and really helps with the work-life balance. I always feel so much better if I've seen a friend, and had a good catch up.
  • I really like my job. I was worried about getting a job after uni - what if I didn't? What if I hated it? But, I landed a job within 2 months in roughly the area I wanted to be working in (admin) and I'm loving it. It doesn't stress me out anymore, because I know what I am doing, and this is the main thing for me. I feel thankful that I have a job, and a job that I am enjoying as well.
  • The place I live is gorgeous. We have countryside literally outside our doorstep, and I feel grateful that I've properly been able to see the change in the seasons this year, rather than living in a town or city. My drives to and from work can be truly stunning!

I feel so thankful, and lucky, to be feeling so good at the moment. I am tired, understandably - going from being a student to working 42.5 hours a week is tough - but I am really enjoying it, and finding happiness in the people I am surrounded by. It's nice to be back blogging too, of course.

What reasons do you have to be thankful at the moment?

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