Tuesday, 19 July 2016

2016 Goals Recap

It's officially over half way through the year, and as I tweeted recently I'm pretty sure I am in denial about this. It feels as though it should be March or something, definitely not July! At the start of the year, I posted about my goals for 2016. I love setting something to work towards, and this year was no exception. In fact, I was probably more determined to set some goals this year than ever before. I decided to set some more general goals, and some goals specific to my blog too!

Double my Savings

The problem with my goals this year was that I didn't record my savings. I think I must have been too excited about 2016 to think ahead like this. So, I am going to assume that my guesstimate is accurate, and if so I think'll I'll be doing OK for doubling my savings this year.


Three words - Out. The. Window. Better luck next time! Although it hasn't hindered my saving efforts just yet.

Exploring New Places

Amsterdam - tick. Paris - tick. Rhodes - tick. Two more adventures are booked for the rest of the year which is very exciting. Edinburgh in September, and New York in October. I think we can firmly call this goal a huge success. Exploring new places has been part of my favourite things about this year so far. I love it!

Braver in Blog Content

I posted about the EU Referendum which was quite brave for me, and I also entered into the very scary world of the OOTD. I'd like to call this one a success, but we still have six more months for me to be even more daring!

350 Bloglovin Followers, 1000 Twitter Followers and 500 Instagram Followers

Much like with the first goal, I stupidly forgot to record my followers at the start of the year to be able to monitor my progress. However, at the time of writing I have reached 305 Bloglovin followers, 728 twitter followers and 436 instagram followers. I'm hoping there's still time to reach my goals.

Widen my SEO knowledge + Up DA to 20

I'd love to say I'm an SEO whizz but alas, I am not. This one's a work in progress, although I really would love to know more. My DA has reached 20 this year, but then dipped back down again (argh Moz you killer) so I'm hoping to end the year on a DA of 20 to make this goal a bit more specific.

So looking at my goals so far, I guess this year has been pretty successful already. Here's hoping the last six months of the year bring me even closer to achieving all of these goals, and that I finally get my arse into gear and learn some more about SEO!

Did you set yourself goals for the year? How are you getting on?


  1. I definitely need to start budgeting and doubling my savings too... I'm pretty bad at it hehe. Thanks for sharing, lovely blog!<3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

    1. Once you see that number begin to rise it will spur you on to keep going! xxx

  2. Just having a lil catchup of your blog and YAY for going to visit Edinburgh in September! I go back to uni there in September as well and I'm just itching to start the academic year... Also I love how being braver in your blog content is one of your goals! I've definitely tried to do that more over the past few months. I have a lot of opinions, and I need to stop being so shy about sharing them!

    Leda xx


    1. I am so excited - I have only ever heard good things about the city! Yes so true, it's easy to keep quiet because of the drama you see plastered on social media but why not, this is our place to share our thoughts! Thank you for stopping by xxx


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