Sunday, 24 July 2016

Why I Travel

 Travel is definitely one of the things in life that makes me happy. I travel because I love heading off to explore somewhere new. Not much beats that feeling of excitement in the weeks leading up to the trip knowing you'll be experiencing a new place which has new languages, cultural habits and of course, food. I love the whole experience - from booking the trip, the trip itself and recapping it all upon my return home for this little blog!

Why I Travel

But, why do I travel? Why am I not content with seeing pictures and videos of other countries around the world? It would certainly save me a lot of money...but to me it just doesn't cut it. I want to be out there, exploring the world. And by exploring, I mean experiencing it first hand. I want to smell the incredible food in the markets in Turkey, and feel the heat whilst walking down Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I want to listen to the music blaring in the Brazilian favela, and taste the most incredible gelato in Rome. I want to hear the Call to Prayer, and learn more about other religions and cultures.

Travel is also a great outlet for me to be able to escape the pressures of daily life. I consider a stay cation travel, and I absolutely consider holidays to be travel too. Many people might not, but I try and experience at least some of the culture whilst I am away - whether that be just trying new food, that still counts for me. Travel is absolutely what you make it, and everyone will have their own unique experiences which is another reason why I travel. It's a great way for Dan and I to have some time together to explore the world in the way that we want to explore it.

I'm excited for the places I am going to see in years to come, and I have fond memories of the places I have travelled to before. With every new place I experience, comes more knowledge and more desire to explore more of the world. Learning about people and their cultures spurs me on to see more of the world, and know more of it. Understanding others, and their cultures is beneficial to peace in the world which is another reason why I travel. I think that the more we know, and the more we try to know, about each other, then the less problems and challenges the world will face. If more people travelled, I honestly do believe there would be more compassion in the world than there is today. When we travel, we see how others live and barriers are broken down - it is like getting to know someone new just on a much broader scale!

Why do you travel?

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