Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Canterbury | Clarins Skincare Consultation

 I recently went to stay with Mary, my best friend from university, back in Canterbury. A few weeks back, she'd gone into Boots in Canterbury and had booked herself in for a skincare consultation at Clarins. Thankfully the lovely lady at Boots had space to fit me in too so we headed down to Boots on the Sunday Morning for a Skin Consultation! My only regret was not having gone sooner, it's a complimentary service and I learnt so much about my skin. Julie, the consultant, was lovely and I could not recommend her enough if you live near Canterbury.

We started off by having the most delicious fruit infused water, and it felt just like we were in a spa! Then we spoke briefly about how we find our own skin and what problems we face with it. My skin is "Normal" on the whole, but does experience dryness during the colder months; including chapped cheeks which can get pretty red in the extremely cold weather. Julie had already laid out some main products for us to try, but after hearing how we found our skin she adapted our routine to fit with how we felt our skin was. It was really great that she did this as it meant she was using products which would really be beneficial for us!

As we went through our routine, Julie went through the benefits of the products we were using, and showed us the best techniques to use those products. It was so interesting, and I learnt a lot - the reason we wipe outwards is because our lymph nodes are at the sides of our faces which help to clear the skin. You should also never use normal moisturizer underneath your eyes because the skin is so delicate it needs creams/balms/gels specific to that type of skin. It was also interesting to learn how important it is not to forget your neck, and that you should only exfoliate once or twice a week; however that once or twice a week is crucial.

Once we had been through the skin care routine that Julie had planned for us, she gave us a light make over with the Clarins BB Cream, Supra Volume Mascara and coloured lip balms. The make up was so nice, and it felt good to be using something that was giving our skin a treatment whilst covering up minor blemishes; rather than using products that will clog my skin up even more.

I'd definitely recommend heading to your nearest boots for a Clarins Skincare Consultation. It was so helpful to really hear about the products, and the benefits of them. There was a huge focus on the product being made by natural ingredients and plants which I really enjoyed. I definitely came away with some skincare treats after treating myself to the One Step Cleanser and a Daily Energizer Moisturiser cream.

Have you ever had a skincare consultation? Was it with Clarins?

Clarins offer complimentary skincare consultations. I enjoyed mine so much that I decided to blog about it.

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