Friday, 18 November 2016

Book Review | How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff

 How Not To Travel The World is one of those books that you literally devour in days, but find yourself still thinking about it weeks later. I'm only days after finishing it but I know that this book is going to stick with me; I couldn't get enough! Lauren Juliff is a woman from near London, who packed up her bags five years ago to go travelling...and she still hasn't made it back to London permanently - incredible!

I've been following Lauren's blog for a little while now, and just before my birthday I noticed she'd written a book. It went straight onto my birthday list and my lovely parents kindly picked it up for me. I'm so grateful because this book was even better than I knew it was going to be!

I laughed (and I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt!) and I cried. I felt anxious, but also really empowered. Mostly though, I felt like packing my life into a backpack and just going. Which is so very unlike me. Lauren's story was inspiring; at 23 years old after years of dreaming about it, she packed up and started her year of travelling in Eastern Europe. As someone with severe anxiety, this was especially challenging and reading about her journey inspired me.

Lauren describes the countries she visited in the most amazing way, and it was almost like I was there myself! The only downside to reading the book was the fact that it highlighted to me even further that I wasn't travelling and seeing the world myself, as much as I'd like to be! I would love to be brave enough to just say "Yes" and explore the fascinating and exotic places that Lauren travelled to herself.

If you are someone who loves reading about travel, this is the book for you. Lauren is honest, and realistic about her travels. She does not pretend that her life was a dream for that first year, travelling alone and travelling with anxiety is bound to be tough. What she does do however, is recognise the amazing opportunity she had and used her travels a way to better herself, and broaden her horizons which is really what it's all about.

How Not To Travel The World is one to pick up if you've ever wanted to travel - even if you aren't necessarily keen on doing it by hostels. I felt inspired, and I know that this is a book I'm going to read more than just once!

Have you ever read How Not To Travel The World?

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