Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 in Travel

 2016 has been an excellent year for travel for me. As this was my first year working full-time, we knew it would be pretty travel heavy as there are so many places we wanted to see, and this seemed like an excellent time to start.

In April, we chose to go to Amsterdam. A gorgeous city, only an hours flight away from the UK. We both absolutely loved it, and wished we could have had a bit more time to explore the city and Holland in general actually! We stayed just by the Rijksmuseum and had a fantastic three days seeing what Amsterdam had to offer us. Highlights included the Heineken tour, cycling around Vondel Park and eating hot chips whilst walking the main street from the station. Definitely a city to visit if you only have a few days!

In May we headed to Paris; mainly for a visit to Disneyland with my sister and her boyfriend. We took the Eurostar for the first time (which I loved) and stayed in a questionable hotel that cost us all £37 for two nights. We spent one full day in the Disney parks, and had the best time ever. None of us wanted to leave, but thankfully we had a morning to explore Paris the next day! I definitely want to go back and see what else Paris has to offer as it was such a fleeting visit.

June took us to Lindos in Rhodes, Greece. We had the best week away relaxing and enjoying the Greek food and sunshine. The village of Lindos itself was truly stunning, and the best place for us to be able to recharge our batteries and enjoy each others company. Days were mainly spent chilling by the pool playing uno and reading books, whilst the evenings were spent ambling the streets of stunning Lindos, with its white wash buildings and roof top restaurants.

September was my next trip, and this time I was off to Edinburgh with Georgia from Mapped Out Blog. We had such a fun weekend exploring Edinburgh which I can only describe as a magical city. It drew us in from the start, and we loved exploring it. Plus, as it was relatively small, it meant we could see most of the things we wanted to in the weekend we were there. Definitely one to visit if you want a weekend away!

October was our biggest trip of the year; we were heading to New York. It's been somewhere we've both wanted to see for a very long time and decided that we should just go for it and treat ourselves. We had the best week, and loved exploring the city that never sleeps. Waking up every morning to the city views was incredible, and we slept with the blinds open on more than one occasion! Next time we'll go at Christmas because I can't even imagine how special it would be then.

Our final the trip of the year was Dublin in November; a surprise for my Dad's 50th. We had a blast, and loved walking the streets of Dublin with the family. It was such a great weekend, and I'll definitely be heading back there to explore some more. We stayed in a lovely hotel right near the centre, had some incredible food and saw all of the sights!

I've had the best year exploring some of the most amazing places, it makes me excited to spend time in different cities and countries and enjoying the culture, language and food whilst I'm there too. Here's to the places I'm hopefully going to explore in 2017!

Where have you been in 2016?



  1. Sounds like you have had a great year of travelling!! x

    1. It's been excellent! I'm hoping to travel to somewhere that challenges me this year! xx

  2. Hi Hannah, lovely travel list! I've also been to Amsterdam this year. I'd love to go to Edinburgh and New York as well, who knows what this year will bring? :)


    1. Fingers crossed more trips! I'm off to Warsaw at the end of April and I am so excited! Hopefully you get to visit some new places too xx

  3. Fab trips all year it looks like! THe big and the small trips are what really make it fun and mixed up!
    I love New york, and have been a couple of times over new year... but I would love to go in the warmer months now, to walk about in sandals and lie down in central park!

    1. Yes I agree, I love having a mixture! New York in early October was lovely, we had 20 degrees on most days which was warm enough to walk around without a coat but not too warm. Definitely recommend going at that time of year! xxx


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