Friday, 23 December 2016

New York | Marco Polo Spiral Guide

 I have spoken for my love for Marco Polo Travel Guides on Suitcase and Sandals previously here and here so I was so grateful when I kindly recieved one of their Spiral Guides for my latest adventure to New York City. One of my favourite things to do in the mornings whilst we were there was to sit by our window and read all about the exciting things we were going to be getting up to that day!

The guide is excellent because it goes into so much detail about the tourist attractions and things that can be seen in the city they are written about. I learnt so much about places we were going to see; such as the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central station. Dan was impressed when I told him some of the things I'd learnt whilst reading up on them; such as the fact that the Statue of Liberty has 7 points on her crown to represent the seven continents/seas of the world. You definitely wouldn't have got such interesting information on the internet, and part of the reason I travel is to learn something new, so I love reading up on the city I'm going to before I go!

One of the main things I love about these guides is the way they are laid out. Starting with the magazine section at the front for more general information about the city, finishing with "do's and don'ts" tips on the final page. The magazine is great because its gives you a little bit more information about the city itself, including interesting facts about films that have been set in the city and the best Fashion you can find in The Big Apple! As we're trying to save for our first house, we really appreciated the Budget Bests - a selection of things to do so you can "see the city on a shoestring"!

Finding Your Feet is another great section; as I can be quite an anxious traveller, I love knowing where I will be going as soon as I land, and I found this section really helpful in planning our onward journey from the airport.

The rest of the guide is laid out in sections according to the area of New York; for example Midtown Manhattan and Greenwich Village. As there is just so much to see in NYC, laying the guide out like this is great. If you are savvy like we were and planned to spend out days in different areas of the city, this will help you out a lot as you don't have to constantly flick between sections to find out information for what you need. For each attraction, it tells you a guideline price, location, website/contact information and the nearest station/bus stop which makes planning your trip a lot easier too.

The real highlight of this Spiral Guide for us though was the map. Whilst NYC is one of the easier cities to navigate, we found the map incredibly helpful. Especially on our first night, as after having been awake for close to 24 hours, we were struggling a little to find our hotel; but thanks to our Marco Polo map we made it! I'd love to show you a decent picture of this beloved map, but unfortunately we used it so much that it actually has a small hole in it now...It was the best map we've ever used, and I would choose it over google maps anyday!

If you're heading to New York anytime soon, I'd definitely recommend the Marco Polo spiral guides (or if you aren't going to NYC, check the Marco Polo website to see if they do a guide for your destination)! It's only downfall? It doesn't fit in my travel handbag. I'll just have to get a bigger bag...

Have you ever used the Marco Polo travel guides?

*I kindly recieved the Marco Polo Guide for free in return for a review - I must say though, they are excellent.


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