Friday, 17 November 2017

Why I love London, but couldn't live there

 I love visiting London. I always feel like a shinier, more confident version of myself when I'm pounding the streets of the capital. London makes me feel so many incredible emotions, but always mixed in with a few niggly ones too. For me, London is the ultimate paradox. When I'm there I feel inspired and confident, but I can also end up feeling pretty anxious and tired too.

London is a very busy and diverse city, and there's always something exciting to do whilst you're visiting. Even just popping there for work like I did a couple of weeks ago made a really nice change and it was nice to be in the city for a day. A few days later, I was back in London again for an afternoon in Covent Garden with the girls. It always feels like a welcome change to my sleepy "real" life.

Staying in London last month with my family for my sister's graduation and my birthday reminded me of my love-hate relationship with London. It was exciting to be staying so close to the centre of London, but a few things just reminded me of why I would not like to live there forever. It was really difficult to sleep because of how noisy it was! Sleep is quite high up on my list of priorities so waking up feeling like I hadn't really slept was far from ideal.

There was also the business of the tube in the morning. We travelled down to Cutty Sark on the DLR at rush hour, and it was so unbelievably busy (thankfully, not going our way) but it really put me off. I couldn't imagine arriving at work in the mornings after a stressful, and no doubt sweaty, commute to work. Our trip to London was so nice, and reminded me of my love for London, but also that I love it because I don't spend every day there.

For me, London is a place I can visit when I want to feel empowered, or to have a break from the mundane. It is fun, exciting and a little bit luxurious - I always say yes to the shoes/bag/dress/book in London. It's a treat for me, and I love it. It's best to keep it that way!

What do you think of London?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

A New Look

 It's been over two years now since I had a blog refresh, and I fancied a bit of a change as you can see. Whilst I loved my old blog design, I wanted something that had a couple of extra user friendly functions like the button which takes you back to the top of my blog for example. I kept my header, as I LOVE it but thanks to Phil at pipdig things are looking slightly different!

In the past couple of months I've really been enjoying my blog, and have been posting a lot more frequently than the rest of the year. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in everyday things but when you enjoy something, it's worth making the time for it too.

Posting every Friday is a routine that I've got into, and I find it so helpful to have an achievable focus. I honestly have so much admiration for any blogger who works full time and posts more than once a week! If I feel like I'm falling behind with a posting schedule, I tend to lose some of my inspiration so posting once a week has been a game-changer for me.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with my new blog design and create lots of new content. Travel has been a huge theme on my blog this year, but with no further trips planned (YET!), I'll be focusing on lifestyle content which I'm pretty excited about.

What do you think of my new blog theme?

Friday, 3 November 2017

House of MinaLima

 The House of MinaLima, located in Greek Street London, is the dream gallery of any Harry Potter fan. I was in London recently for my sister's graduation, and knew that we'd both want to check the gallery out. With Sarah's boyfriend in tow, we headed off to the dreamy pink building in Soho.

It's such an amazing gallery, and you can really feel the thought that went into creating everything inside. It's worth noting that when you arrive you will need to book onto a free guided tour, you can't go around the gallery without a tour. We arrived and the first tour was full, but we only had to wait thirty minutes until the next one. It's definitely worth the wait.

On the ground floor is the shop which you can peruse whilst you wait, or after the tour itself. There's prints, postcards and books - but they are fairly pricey. I fell in love with so many of the prints so I may have to go back and treat myself.

Before long, it was time for our tour! Sadly, I don't remember her name but our tour guide was fantastic. She spoke for a short while in each room, and then let us explore ourselves. It's not a huge gallery, and they do fill the tours - but I found that we had enough time in each room to have a good look around at the incredible pieces of art work in the gallery.

The first two floors, and half of the third floor, were filled with Harry Potter artwork. From newspapers, to 'wanted signs' and the marauders map, we were treated to some incredible pieces that had me wishing I'd recieved that Hogwarts letter aged eleven. Our tour guide gave us such insightful information which really helped us to visualise the way the artists worked. On the middle floor, she told us that Miraphora Mina had asked for the blueprints for the set so that when she hand drew the marauder's map, it would match the set!

I especially enjoyed the artwork surrounding the Weasley twins shop. It was so bright and fun, and yet it still kept the magic of the darker more traditional pieces of artwork usually reminiscent of the Harry Potter series.

It was so magical being in an art gallery full of the Harry Potter artwork, and there was even a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them room as well which I enjoyed! MinaLima have such a distinct style and it will always remind me of my childhood, which was filled with the wizarding world.

Have you been to the House of MinaLima?

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October in Numbers

 October is one of my favourite, and also least favourite, months all in one. It's bittersweet. It's my birthday month, so all of the celebrations that go alongside that are very exciting but it's also a reminder of how quickly life is passing by. It's been a good month though and I'm excited to see what the rest of 2017 has in store!

books read - I've read some excellent books this month including the rest of The Story of a Secret State by Jan Karski, and the one I'm reading now (The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas). Both are insightful and very eye-opening.

1 concert - I went to see Zara Larsson with two of my best friends, and we had the best time dancing the night away listening to some fabulous songs.

2 trips to London - At the start of the month I went to see my friend Mary, and we got Vapiano which is an Italian chain we discovered in Stockholm. It was lovely to catch up, and wander the streets of London. The second trip was during birthday week, and I went with the family to celebrate my younger sister's graduation. It was a lovely trip, and so nice to spend a few days in London.

nights out - So unlike me, but I actually had a fabulous time. I went out twice with Dan, and it was so nice to spend some quality time together having a dance.

1 graudation - My younger sister graduated at the end of October at the University of Greenwich. I was so proud to see her up there collecting her first class paramedic science degree.

1 birthday - I am officially 24, which is insane. I'm excited for what my 24th year has in store for me.

October has been such a fun-filled month. I've really enjoyed spending quality time with my family and friends, and filling the month with birthday celebrations. I'm a very lucky girl!

How has October been for you?

Friday, 27 October 2017

A View from the Top

Whenever I am in a new city, one of my favourite things to do it get 'up high'. Whether that be a rooftop bar, a tower or climbing a hill, it's definitely something I seek out when I'm exploring a city. There's just something magical, and breath-taking, about seeing the city from up high. It's a great way to spot famous landmarks, but also to get a feel of the wider city. I thought I'd include a couple of my favourite high up spots so far!

Anywhere up high, New York City

New York City is magical from above. Our hotel room on the 32nd floor was insane, and 230 Fifth on Fifth avenue was an incredible bar offering stunning views of the city, especially the view of the Empire State building right in front of your eyes. I cant wait to go back!

Pfaffenthal Lift, Luxembourg

This free lift, and platform, in Luxembourg city was 65 feet above ground and offered stunning views of the 'Pfaffenthal' area of the city, and one side of the Casemates du Bock. There's also a glass viewing platform which was scary at first, but very cool too.

Rooftop restaurants, Lindos

Any of the rooftop restaurants in Lindos will offer you some truly gorgeous views of the town, with it's whitewash buildings, the acropolis and the sea on either side. The perfect place to enjoy dinner and relax throughout the night.

What are your favourite viewpoints around the world?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


 I can't believe it's time for a birthday post again.

Every year seems to fly by faster and faster, especially when I'm having fun. The last year has been one of change. So much has happened including changing jobs, moving into a new house with Dan and travelling to five new countries.

Work is no longer a stress for me, and I love coming home to Dan in the evenings and watching something silly together whilst we make dinner. This year has taught me to stop living for the weekends and enjoy the time I get in the week too.

I've also realised that there's a limit to what I can and can't take, and that life's far too short not to be happy. So, I made some changes and the changes were what made this year so good!

I'm really enjoying my job, and am very grateful to have supportive colleagues. I really really love living with Dan, it's brought us even closer than we were before and has reaffirmed that of course we're meant to be! We have such a good time, from cooking dinners to cosy nights watching big bang theory.

And finally, I've visited some incredible countries. After wanting to visit Ireland and Poland for years, we took trips to both countries which was even better than I had imagined! I've also added Sweden, Czechia and Luxembourg to my list whilst travelling with new travel companions - Mary and my parents. There's something I love about seeing somewhere new so much, and I'm so pleased I was able to travel more this year.

Here's to the next year. I'm so looking forward to what being 24 will bring!


Friday, 20 October 2017

5 Things to Watch this Autumn

Whilst I'm not much of a casual TV watcher, when I find a series I like, I'm hooked and have to binge watch as many episodes as possible. One of my favourite things about the Autumn is the great telly that comes back, and getting stuck into a series on Netflix. There are so many great shows on at the minute, but here are my five favourites at the moment.

Our Girl

I love this programme, and I'm so glad it's back. The third season started off with quite a bit of criticism but I genuinely really enjoyed it. Michelle Keegan is fantastic as Georgie Lane and Captain James is the ideal eye-candy for cheering up a dreary Autumn evening. I'm excited to see what else this season brings.

The Good Place

Dan and I started this one on a whim one day, and we're both so glad we did. The show is set in heaven, The Good Place, and follows Eleanor who's pretty sure she's not meant to be in heaven. There's a plot twist at the end of season one to keep you interested, and the episodes are short and sweet at 20 minutes long.

Jane the Virgin

Season four has just been added to Netflix (weekly), and I am so excited about this! If you've never watched it, it's probably one of the best shows I've seen in years. It's funny, and the characters are mostly warm and likeable. Jane is one of my favourite characters ever, and this show is one to watch if you're needing a good laugh!


I'm definitely not the only one who is excited for this programme to be back... We're yet to decide if we're going to watch this one weekly, but either way I can't wait to get back into this one. Riverdale is based on the Archie comics, which I've never actually read, but I think the cast is excellent and the stories draw you in every episode.

The Big Bang Theory

I'm about ten years late to the party with the one, but Dan and I are obsessed at the minute. If you've never seen it, the show follows flatmates Leonard and Sheldon, and their scientist friends. The shows are hilarious, and perfect for putting on when it's dark and cold outside.

What are you watching this Autumn?


Friday, 13 October 2017

Why I Want to Explore More of the UK

 Exploring the UK is something I have wanted to do more of for a while. Whilst I have visited a fair few places in the UK, there are still lots of place I'd like to head back to, or visit for the first time! There is so much more to see than the little South Eastern side that I tend to stick to currently.

I've spoken on here before about how much I love travelling, and exploring new places, and recently I've been realising that I've been missing out on discovering my own country. I might have been to Liverpool, Bath and Brighton, but I haven't seen the beauty of the Lake District, or spend some time on a beach in Cornwall. Both of which are things I'd very much like to do. It feels a little bit like I've been ignoring some of the beauty of my own country, in place exploring the beauty of places further afield. The UK has so much more to offer than I've experience previously!

One of the main reasons that I want to see more of the UK is to know the history of my country a bit better. I've always enjoyed history, and visiting castles and other historical places but there are so many places I'm yet to see! High up on my list are Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall. The UK has such a rich history, and there is so much more for me to learn.

Not only this, but the UK has so many amazing and vibrant cities I'm yet to step foot in. Manchester has always appealed to me, and I quite fancy Newcastle. I fell in love with Edinburgh last year, and I'm desperate to see more of Scotland after that trip. The best thing about exploring more of the UK is that more often than not, you can fit it into a weekend. This is great, because you get to see more of the world without having to use up your annual leave!

Potentially, it might also be a cheaper way to see more of the world. Sometimes going abroad can be more expensive, and you are limited on ways to save money. Whereas, if you travel in the UK, you can save money by cooking yourself or driving somewhere instead of using public transport.

Hopefully in the next few years I'll be able to see more of the places on my own home soil. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

Have you seen much of the UK?

Friday, 6 October 2017

Center Parcs, Woburn Forest

I love Center Parcs. Being surrounded by nature, having access to some fabulous places to eat and cycling around a contained village - it's magical. I've been a few times in England before, and once in Holland, but Dan had never been so when we found a deal at the end of September - we knew where we would be heading for a week of R and R! Woburn Forest is the newest of the Center Parcs, I believe it opened in 2014.

We decided to book ourselves a stay in one of the three-bedroom executive lodges which also have a personal sauna. Whilst this may have been a bit extravagant, it was worth it for the week we stayed in the lodge! The lodge was gorgeous, so spacious (even bigger than our own house!), and it meant we were able to properly relax and enjoy some quality time together. We both fell in love with the modern kitchen, and actually cooked some different meals which we have wanted to do forever. As some of the restaurants are very pricey on site, it was so handy to have our own kitchen to make lunches and save a bit of cash.

Most mornings were spent in the lodge; relaxing in the sauna, reading our books and just generally enjoying taking some time out. The massive 'L' shaped sofa got a lot of use, and it was lovely to have trees right outside our door. We saw squirrels, rabbits, pheasants and even a frog! We went on a couple of walks in the forest, and made the use of our bikes whilst we could.

Center Parcs can be quite expensive if you want to do a lot of the different activities on site, but one of the best things that does come included with your ticket is access to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. We went every day during our stay, usually in the evenings, and it was so much fun! I even plucked up the courage to go on the Tropical Cyclone ride. I'd definitely recommend going in the evenings though, as most of the families will be back at their lodges and you won't have to queue up for the rides (bearing in mind we didn't go at a weekend, or during the holidays!).

We did decide to pay for adventure golf though, and we were glad we did. Whilst the course isn't massive, it took us around 45 minutes to get round and it was so much fun! With a magical forest theme, it was decorated really nicely too. Dan also persuaded me to play a game of pool in the Sport Cafe which was good!

Our midweek stay at Center Parcs was exactly what we needed it to be, a week of R&R. If you don't fancy heading abroad but really want to escape everyday life, Center Parcs is one of your best bets.

Have you ever been to Center Parcs? Did you go to Woburn?

Saturday, 30 September 2017

September in Numbers

 September is that time of year where you really pinch yourself. It's hard to believe that the end of the year is coming already, and I always find September/the beginning of Autumn quite a lovely time of the year. It's been a good month, with a few relaxing weekends as well as a little staycation break at Center Parcs, Woburn.

books read

1 mini staycation away at Center Parcs

4 episodes of Doctor Foster watched

0 the amount spent on books this month (as I'm on a book spending ban!)

1 library membership

It's been a nice month, with a week off work spent relaxing at Woburn Center Parcs, lots of books read and the start of the good telly again! I'm looking forward to October, which is my favourite month of the year - unsurprisingly because it's my birthday month.

What did you get up to in September?


Friday, 29 September 2017

5 Things to do in Prague

 I recently visited Prague for the first time with my Dad. We had a lovely four days in the Czech capital, exploring and walking alot in the sunshine. As it was my first trip to Czechia, I thought it might be nice to do something a little different and put together a list of the things I'd recommend if you head to Prague.

Visit Prague Castle

Which feels like a mini village! It is huge, and a long walk up the hill, but the views are worth it even if you aren't planning to go into the castle itself. There are two different tickets you can buy, depending on how much you want to see but I would definitely recommend the cathedral and the basilica, both of which are accessible on either type of ticket! The Golden Lanes was something I was super excited about, and whilst it was interesting it was very very busy.

Have a beer by the Charles Bridge

We did this on our first day, and whilst it was slightly more expensive than other bars/restaurants, it was well worth it. It was nice to relax in the sunshine and look at the bridge and the river Vltava. Charles Bridge is also beautiful to stroll across, and I'd also recommend going up the tower museum on the Old Town side of the bridge for some beautiful views. I can't remember the exact price of this, but it was very affordable!

Take a tour with Prague Boats

We did the 50 minute tour and it was well worth it. It cost £21 for both of us which I thought was very reasonable. The staff were excellent, and the tour was informative too. It was great to see more of Prague from the river, and Prague Boats was a great way to do it. They have information coming from speakers in more than one language which was excellent!

Watch the Astronomical Clock in action, on the hour

Whilst this was incredible busy, when the astronomical clock does it's thing on the hour, you'll be glad you waited in the mass of tourists. Despite it being boarded up, it was truly stunning and I really enjoyed watching it. There are figures of the twelve disciples which come out of the top of the clock which adds to the interest!

Take the Funicular up Petrin Hill

For some truly stunning views of Prague. You can use this as part of the public transport tickets, and it is nice to do something different in a new city. We really enjoyed this, and whilst we didn't stay for long at the top of Petrin Hill as we wanted to explore the old town further, I reckon it would be a really nice place to spend an afternoon.

My first visit to the Czechia was great! I had a lovely time away with my dad, and it was great to visit Prague, a city I'd heard such good things about. One thing that definitely surprised me was how big it was, and I've since learnt that it is the 14th biggest city in Europe, which makes sense to me.

Have you been to Prague before?

Friday, 22 September 2017

New York City | The Kindness of New York

 One thing that struck me instantly about New York was the kindness of complete strangers. On multiple occasions throughout our stay, I was truly touched by the kindness of people I have never even met, and it inspired me to write this post. In England, especially the South, I feel like we get a bit of a bad rep for being friendly and open to others. In New York however, we experienced random kindness within our first hour of landing at JFK. Expect this post to be a long one as I have loads of examples of the kindness of New York!

Whilst on the train to Manhattan from the airport, it's safe to say that after being awake for so long, we were pretty clueless. A confusing announcement over the tannoy meant that we were unsure of whether the train would still be going on it's original course. Clearly we were looking like panicked tourists when a kind local wearing a Mets shirt, offered his assistance and advised us to stay on the train and we'd get to the stop we needed! Both of us were so relieved and impressed by this strangers kindness.

We also encountered this kindness on the way back to the airport (our airport trips were not the highlight of the trip clearly!) when we had ended up in the wrong station. In my defence, there were more than one station with the same name. Luckily, with our huge suitcases, it was very obvious where we were going and someone working at the station kindly pulled us aside to tell us how to get to the correct station; before we even knew we were in the wrong place! Unfortunately, we made our way to the airport with plenty of time, and all thanks to this kind stranger.

On our very first morning in New York, we headed to the Hard Rock cafe for breakfast; neither of us had never been and had always wanted to, so doing it in the Big Apple was even more exciting! We had a lovely (and HUGE!) breakfast before asking if there was anything of Elvis' in the cafe, as Dan is a huge fan. The lovely waitress went out of her way to show us everything in the cafe, even taking us into areas which were being set up for a huge brunch they have! It was so kind of her, and really made our first morning.

One of the things we wanted to do when we were in New York was to visit the 9/11 memorial to pay our respects to those who lost their lives. We were a little unsure as to where we were going, but someone stopped as we were looking at our map and told us clearly where we needed to go which was very kind of him! Seconds later, he saw us looking for somewhere to eat and recommended a lovely sandwich shop further down the street. We were so hungry, and very grateful for his kindness!

Speaking of food, we went to Chipotle for the first time ever and when it came around to paying, we realised that the lovely sales assistant had used a discount of some sort to make our bowls half price. I didn't even see if there was actually a deal on, and think she might have used her own staff discount which was so lovely of her! I was beginning to be blown away by the amount of kindness we had experience already, only two days into our trip.

Even down to the silly gestures, like smiling at other people on the street. I'm pretty sure that when I do that in the UK, 9/10 I will not get even an inkling of a smile back. In New York, it was more like 9/10 I did get a smile back which was so refreshing! We even had a conversation with a lady in Central Park for a good fifteen minutes after her dog came up to us. Madness, but it was so lovely to see other people being so kind to one another.

Another thing I saw was a man walking down a street on the Upper East Side, giving money to every homeless person he saw. There was quite a lot of this in New York, but this man even TURNED AROUND to give someone some money. I genuinely almost cried after witnessing this act of kindness!

NYC is one of the best places I've visited yet. Whilst the city was magical and exciting, it also really felt like somewhere you could call home. Especially with the amount of kindness we experienced whilst we were there for the week!

Have you ever been to NYC? Did you find everyone so kind?

Friday, 15 September 2017

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

One of the best things about living close to Stansted airport are the bargain Ryanair flights you can get. Luxembourg is one of the most affordable places to fly to from Stansted so Mum and I decided to head there for a long weekend! I'd heard such good things about this capital city and was itching to visit myself. We chose to stay just out of the city centre at the Parc Hotel Alvisse which was the perfect place to stay for a relaxing city break weekend!

Our hotel was lovely, and it was so handy that breakfast was included too. It even had a pool where we spent our mornings and evenings. I'd really recommend this hotel if you aren't looking to stay centrally.

Having said that, it was only a ten minute bus journey away from the city centre which cost us four euros per day. We couldn't complain as it took us right into the centre, and dropped us right back outside our hotel too! On our first day we headed to the Casemates Du Bock which is the defence system in the centre of Luxembourg city. It was used as an air raid shelter during the war and could house 35,000 people during these raids! As well as being interesting, it offered the most gorgeous views of the area of the city known as Grund which is on a lower level.

We had lunch at an amazing cafe that just sold soup - A la soupe. This was a gem of a find, the soup was affordable and incredibly filling as well. Well worth a visit!

The Pfaffenthal lift was where we headed in the afternoon. This is a free lift which was completed in 2016 and takes you from the top level of Luxembourg city down to the area known as Pfaffenthal. It offers some stunning views of the city and there is a glass viewing platform at the end. We visited four times in the end because the views were gorgeous and it was free!

On the Sunday, we actually met up with some family friends! It was lovely to spend the afternoon with them exploring Grund and completing one of the 'walks' created in Luxembourg - we chose to do the Wenzel walk which was great. Grund was particularly picturesque with the chocolate box houses which felt like you were wandering around the set of a fairytale. We said our goodbyes to our friends, and headed for some dinner.

Whilst our hotel was a ten-minute journey by bus, on this occasion we decided to walk back to our hotel! We had about a fifty minute wait for our bus and knew we'd be quicker if we walked the three miles back. It was actually a lovely walk in the evening sunshine, and we both slept well that night after our evening session in the spa.

Our flight back on Monday wasn't until the evening so we luckily had the day to explore some more. We started off at the Pfaffenthal lift again, which we actually took down to the area of Pfaffenthal. This was such a stunning area of the city and really reminded us both of Beauty and the Beast. We wanted to pick up a few presents for family so spent a bit of time looking for gifts too before heading back to the hotel for our taxi to the airport.

Luxembourg city is the perfect place to explore if you want a relaxing weekend. There was more to be seen in the country, but as we were both feeling pretty exhausted we wanted to keep this trip more slow-paced as well.

Have you ever been to Luxembourg?


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Falling for Stockholm

 We arrived in Stockholm in what had been the hottest weekend for years according to the man on reception at our hostel. The hour and a bit drive from the airport had been spent mostly sleeping, until we hit the city outskirts and we were so excited! There were families spending the sunny Saturday along the banks of the river, and couples jetskiing. We instantly loved the laid-back feel of Stockholm!

Our first stop was lunch; always a necessity. We stumbled upon Vapiano, which we have since learnt has branches across Europe too. Inside, the decor was modern and inviting and I loved that you got to watch your food being made. I ordered pasta and watched them make it right there! After lunch, we headed to our hostel. I'm a hostel newbie, and convert, although I definitely don't think I could manage sharing a room with strangers. After being slightly taken aback by the size and lack of windows in our private room, we realised that it was the perfect place to rest our heads whilst in Stockholm - no wasting time in our hotel room for us!

We'd done a bit of research before heading to Stockholm and knew the best way for us to see the city would be a trip on the OceanBus. This is a really cool converted bus that can go on road and in water! We definitely caught the eyes of lots of people when we were driving around Stockholm. The tour was FABULOUS. Paul, our tour guide, was informative and funny - using music to tell us more about the wonderful city of Stockholm. I would 100% recommend this if you are going to Stockholm.

The next day we were up early for our trip to the Abba museum! Even if you're not the biggest Abba fan, the museum is well worth a visit. The music is catchy, you can get involved in some of the interactive stuff in the museum and it's just a fun thing to experience whilst you're in the capital of Sweden. Mary and I are both huge fans of Abba, and it's safe to say her performance of Mamma Mia! impressed the other visitors. After a quick lunch pitstop, we headed to Skansen which was probably my favourite part of our trip!

Skansen is an outdoor living museum, and it was truly fascinating. I love history, and this was the perfect place to get stuck into the history of Stockholm. Buildings from all over Sweden have been brought to this museum which was fantastic to see. We spent about thirty minutes in an old church learning about it all! If you are looking for something different to do in the city, Skansen is your place. You have so much to see and interact with you could easily spend a day here!

Our final day was spent at the Royal Palace and picking up a couple of souvenirs. The Royal Palace actually has one more room than Buckingham Palace which was something we learnt on the OceanBus. It was absolutely stunning inside and well worth a visit! We didn't do much shopping whilst we were in Stockholm, purely because we wanted to experience more of the city but there were a couple of shops in Gamla Stan so we could pick up some gifts for our family. There was definitely more shopping to be done though!

Stockholm was a city that surprised me, and very pleasantly. I had high hopes for it, but actually being there outlived my expectations. I'd definitely go back, and I would love to take Dan and my family there too.

Have you ever been to Stockholm?
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