Friday, 27 January 2017

If I Went To Uni Again I'd...

18 months after (WHAT?) finishing University, I think I'm just about getting over the shock of leaving and becoming an adult. Whilst I do miss my time at university, it isn't a painful yearning for the carefree days anymore. I'm finally beginning to accept that I'll never be as free as I was whilst I was at University, and it kind of makes me a bit annoyed that I didn't do more with my time. So to help anyone still at University, I thought I would impart my words of wisdom...

Stay In Bed

Yes, do it. I cannot BELIEVE I used to moan about my two 9am's a week. I'm now sat at my desk by 9am EVERYDAY. Just stay in bed, you'll never be able to do it as much again. 9am? No problem, come back home and get back into bed to make up for lost time.

But, Do Something Too

Volunteer at a local charity, write for the university newspaper or join a society. Like I said earlier, this is the best time to make the most of the copious amounts of spare time you probably have now. I wish I had tried out a few working sectors to get a feel for what I wanted to do whilst I was at university; it would have looked great on my CV whilst also helping myself out! If you're short for cash, get a part-time job (which will also look excellent on CV whilst funding your nights out/clothing addiction!).

Learn to Cook, well

One of the best things about moving to university was the independence that I got from it. I would not be able to cook as well as I do now, without having left the home and learning. It's one of the most important skills, and definitely worth learning whilst you have the time at university! Grab yourself a good cookbook and experiment!

Explore more of the local area

I adored living in Canterbury, and wish I had gotten to know the area even better. There are so many nice places in Kent and I wish I'd really made the most of the time I had there. I'd have loved to have gone to the beach a bit more, and visit some of the cute little villages in the surrounding areas! If I were to go back to uni again, I would have made the most of living in the Garden of England.

Work that little bit harder

Whilst I am incredibly proud of the 11.1 grade I achieved at university, knowing I was only 3 marks off graduating with a first was pretty frustrating. I wish that I'd been able to get the extra few marks across all of my essays to reach that overall grade. Working hard at uni is one thing that definitely pays off.

If you went to Uni again, what would you do?


  1. Love this post! Now that I'm in my third year, I'm starting to think about all the things I want to do before I leave uni! At least I have one more year after this because I go to uni in Scotland. I think I'll just have to take on that that advice about staying in bed ;)

    xo Leda

    1. You do! It is a must. I wish I had taken my own advice (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) jealous you have the four years though xx

  2. Awwwh this is such a nice post!
    I recently "dropped out" of college. Idk I might go back soon, but for the meantime I'm taking a break. I'll definitely keep these in mind if I do go back or I could definitely use this in everyday life hahaha.

    1. Good on you for taking a break! I definitely think you can use it in everyday life! xx


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