Friday, 24 February 2017

Saving Money on City Breaks

 I like to think I'm quite good at finding deals on City Breaks. Having been on 7 since 2014 (with another 3 in the pipeline) I've perfected my routine when it comes to booking reasonable flights and hotels. So far this year, I've spent approx. £415 on six flights and accommodation for seven nights (ten days) in three different countries; I definitely can't complain at those prices! In fact, my friend actually asked me to help her find cheaper flights for an upcoming trip to Korea and somehow I managed to find some for her for £200 less.


I SWEAR by this website, and it is probably one of my most visited sites on the net. It sums up the cheapest flights for the route you want to take, and I love the fact you can search for the cheapest flights "everywhere" on a certain date. If you aren't too sure where you want to go, this is ideal for searching for nice and cheap destinations. is my favourite website to book accommodation with ever! After hearing a few horror stories about Air B'n'B, I'll be sticking with my beloved In the past I've found some insane deals, for example our hotel for Warsaw. A 5* hotel, near the city centre for £70 each for two nights. I couldn't even stay in a Travelodge in Canterbury for that little, I'm so down for that! Of course, the country you are staying with will make a difference, but when you consider I paid £70 for two nights in a hostel in Stockholm (yes, it's only 2*) you can't complain.


Booking accommodation leads me onto my next point; tripadvisor. No matter what I am booking, I will always just check it out on Tripadvisor as I like to know that the place I am going really is value for money. It's always worth knowing! It's also a great place to research the places you are hoping to visit.

Know your Stuff

Booking on a Tuesday is known to bring prices down, as well as shopping around. You can find such good deals. I'm also a huge advocate of going on holiday out of term time; I know how much the prices soar throughout the holidays and therefore try and avoid going away when the British public choose to holiday. Not only does it make the prices cheaper, it's nicer than having a crowded hotel!

Be Flexible

As I do not need to adhere to term times, being flexible allows me to get cheaper prices. If it is cheaper to go away in the week, and you have holiday to take; why not go for it! It would work out well in the long run, saving you money and ensuring that the tourist areas wouldn't be as busy; a win-win situation really!

No Luggage

If you're only going for a few days, save yourself a huge amount of money by only taking a carry-on bag with you. It can be SO expensive to book a suitcase, and most of the time you really aren't going to need the space. We have some great lightweight suitcases which fit so much in them, I couldn't love them more!

How do you save money on city breaks?


  1. I love skyscanner - so perfect for when you want to view the whole month! I love using cause you get every 10th night free which is so handy!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Oh wow, that's really handy! Thank you for the tip. I'm going to have to check it out xx


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