Friday, 21 April 2017

Work Wardrobe Staples

 In January I started a new job that doesn't have a work uniform which initially filled me with dread at the thought of having to daily choose my own outfits. Surprisingly though, it's been a breeze and there hasn't been one day which I have struggled to find something to wear! It's down to having some work wardrobe staples which I can work and turn to make plenty of different outfits.

The Print Trouser

My absolute faves are a gorgeous navy blue pair from Warehouse with squiggles on them. I picked them up in the January sales, not being entirely sure about them, but knowing I would need a work wardrobe soon. They are my ultimate staple; so comfortable but also looking smart for office wear. I'm yet to find a pair I love as much as these!

The High Neck Jumper

I love a high neck item of clothing, and a black high neck jumper is a staple for wearing with printed trousers. It's comfortable, warm but also perfect for the office as well. I don't have many skirts for work, but this is definitely something I could wear with a skirt for work too!

The Little Black Dress

My little black dress for work is a Zara t-shirt dress that my Mum picked up for me in the sale for a bargain £5.99. It's an appropriate length, and is definitely smart enough when you pair it with the right accessories. I've never been much of a jewellery person but since working in an office, I have been wearing them daily to jazz up a plainer outfit and make the same outfit look different!

The Patterned Dress

I really do love a good pattern; especially for work. I think that they are a great way to brighten up your clothes and can also look really smart too. I have picked up a couple of these dresses now, and they all make great additions to my work wardrobe, especially when I fancy wearing something a bit brighter.

What are your work wardrobe staples?


  1. I can't believe I forgot about your new job! I hope you're enjoying it and have gotten used to the non-uniform life.

    My work is quite casual and we can wear jeans etc but sometimes I like to dress up a bit. I tend to just wear black skinny jeans with a blouse or a dress. I LOVE patterned trousers, especially floral ones (Asda are great if you want patterned trousers!) xx

    1. I'm loving it! That's still nice though and you have to choose everyday so I'm sure you have some "staples"! OOh, that's good thank you. I will have to have a look at them because whilst I love patterned trousers, I find it very hard to find ones that fit properly!! xxx


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