Friday, 1 September 2017

August in Numbers

 August has been a slightly quieter month at work now that all of the students are on their summer breaks. I've quite enjoyed the slower pace although I do enjoy being busy too! I'm not too sure I can say that I've enjoyed the weather as much though, it's been a pretty poor excuse of a summer which is a real shame. Despite the weather, August has been a fantastic month.

1 sleepover at my lovely grandparents. We went out for an Indian on the Friday night and it felt like I was seven again! We had hot chocolate before bed and I slept so very well. On the Saturday we headed out to a WI coffee morning. I love spending time with all of my grandparents!

2 trips abroad - one trip with each of my parents. I headed to Luxembourg with my mum and Prague with my dad. I had the best time with both of them! It's really nice to get away with your family and spend some quality time together.

8 books read - it's been a great month for reading! Not only did I go on holiday twice, but I also had one day of holiday and the bank holiday to get stuck into my books. I've also been reading more at lunchtime at work which has been really nice.

1 car boot sale to sell all of my old clothes! We were fairly successful, and the money went towards my trip to Luxembourg which is a win-win situation.

blog posts. I've been much quieter on here this year. I still enjoy blogging but at a much slower place due to the tiredness that is adulting. I'm certainly focusing my blog slightly more towards the travel side of things!

August has been a great month! I cannot believe it's over, and we're already heading into September which is always the fastest part of the year. I remember how much the year used to drag when I was younger, and now I'm always wishing I could slow down time.

How was August for you?



  1. It's funny how as we grow older time flies by so quickly! August is definitely a bit slower than most months, but I'm glad Autumn is here. That icecream looks so good! xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    1. It does go incredibly quickly! Yes, I think August is but that's nice sometimes. The ice cream was delicious! It did cost me £6 which is a bit silly, but it was very tasty xxx

  2. WOW, you've read so many books! That's amazing!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


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