Thursday, 7 September 2017

Falling for Stockholm

 We arrived in Stockholm in what had been the hottest weekend for years according to the man on reception at our hostel. The hour and a bit drive from the airport had been spent mostly sleeping, until we hit the city outskirts and we were so excited! There were families spending the sunny Saturday along the banks of the river, and couples jetskiing. We instantly loved the laid-back feel of Stockholm!

Our first stop was lunch; always a necessity. We stumbled upon Vapiano, which we have since learnt has branches across Europe too. Inside, the decor was modern and inviting and I loved that you got to watch your food being made. I ordered pasta and watched them make it right there! After lunch, we headed to our hostel. I'm a hostel newbie, and convert, although I definitely don't think I could manage sharing a room with strangers. After being slightly taken aback by the size and lack of windows in our private room, we realised that it was the perfect place to rest our heads whilst in Stockholm - no wasting time in our hotel room for us!

We'd done a bit of research before heading to Stockholm and knew the best way for us to see the city would be a trip on the OceanBus. This is a really cool converted bus that can go on road and in water! We definitely caught the eyes of lots of people when we were driving around Stockholm. The tour was FABULOUS. Paul, our tour guide, was informative and funny - using music to tell us more about the wonderful city of Stockholm. I would 100% recommend this if you are going to Stockholm.

The next day we were up early for our trip to the Abba museum! Even if you're not the biggest Abba fan, the museum is well worth a visit. The music is catchy, you can get involved in some of the interactive stuff in the museum and it's just a fun thing to experience whilst you're in the capital of Sweden. Mary and I are both huge fans of Abba, and it's safe to say her performance of Mamma Mia! impressed the other visitors. After a quick lunch pitstop, we headed to Skansen which was probably my favourite part of our trip!

Skansen is an outdoor living museum, and it was truly fascinating. I love history, and this was the perfect place to get stuck into the history of Stockholm. Buildings from all over Sweden have been brought to this museum which was fantastic to see. We spent about thirty minutes in an old church learning about it all! If you are looking for something different to do in the city, Skansen is your place. You have so much to see and interact with you could easily spend a day here!

Our final day was spent at the Royal Palace and picking up a couple of souvenirs. The Royal Palace actually has one more room than Buckingham Palace which was something we learnt on the OceanBus. It was absolutely stunning inside and well worth a visit! We didn't do much shopping whilst we were in Stockholm, purely because we wanted to experience more of the city but there were a couple of shops in Gamla Stan so we could pick up some gifts for our family. There was definitely more shopping to be done though!

Stockholm was a city that surprised me, and very pleasantly. I had high hopes for it, but actually being there outlived my expectations. I'd definitely go back, and I would love to take Dan and my family there too.

Have you ever been to Stockholm?


  1. This post is so insightful, I've always wanted to visit Stockholm, I've bookmarked this for future reference! I love ABBA because it's my mom's favorite band, so the museum should be my cup of tea!

    I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, hoping you can check it out,
    Mary x

    1. The Abba museum was fantastic, I'd really recommend it! Stockholm is so worth a visit, I hope you get there one day soon! xx

  2. Stockholm is SO beautiful! I've visited quite a few times but I always want to go back. I've yet to visit the ABBA museum but it's definitely on my list for next time! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. I'd definitely recommend it! It's such a gorgeous city, I definitely want to go back and also see more of Sweden in general xx

  3. Ooooh I'd decided against Skansen because I only have three days in the city and it's going to be cold. You've just made me change my mind though.


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