Friday, 15 September 2017

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

One of the best things about living close to Stansted airport are the bargain Ryanair flights you can get. Luxembourg is one of the most affordable places to fly to from Stansted so Mum and I decided to head there for a long weekend! I'd heard such good things about this capital city and was itching to visit myself. We chose to stay just out of the city centre at the Parc Hotel Alvisse which was the perfect place to stay for a relaxing city break weekend!

Our hotel was lovely, and it was so handy that breakfast was included too. It even had a pool where we spent our mornings and evenings. I'd really recommend this hotel if you aren't looking to stay centrally.

Having said that, it was only a ten minute bus journey away from the city centre which cost us four euros per day. We couldn't complain as it took us right into the centre, and dropped us right back outside our hotel too! On our first day we headed to the Casemates Du Bock which is the defence system in the centre of Luxembourg city. It was used as an air raid shelter during the war and could house 35,000 people during these raids! As well as being interesting, it offered the most gorgeous views of the area of the city known as Grund which is on a lower level.

We had lunch at an amazing cafe that just sold soup - A la soupe. This was a gem of a find, the soup was affordable and incredibly filling as well. Well worth a visit!

The Pfaffenthal lift was where we headed in the afternoon. This is a free lift which was completed in 2016 and takes you from the top level of Luxembourg city down to the area known as Pfaffenthal. It offers some stunning views of the city and there is a glass viewing platform at the end. We visited four times in the end because the views were gorgeous and it was free!

On the Sunday, we actually met up with some family friends! It was lovely to spend the afternoon with them exploring Grund and completing one of the 'walks' created in Luxembourg - we chose to do the Wenzel walk which was great. Grund was particularly picturesque with the chocolate box houses which felt like you were wandering around the set of a fairytale. We said our goodbyes to our friends, and headed for some dinner.

Whilst our hotel was a ten-minute journey by bus, on this occasion we decided to walk back to our hotel! We had about a fifty minute wait for our bus and knew we'd be quicker if we walked the three miles back. It was actually a lovely walk in the evening sunshine, and we both slept well that night after our evening session in the spa.

Our flight back on Monday wasn't until the evening so we luckily had the day to explore some more. We started off at the Pfaffenthal lift again, which we actually took down to the area of Pfaffenthal. This was such a stunning area of the city and really reminded us both of Beauty and the Beast. We wanted to pick up a few presents for family so spent a bit of time looking for gifts too before heading back to the hotel for our taxi to the airport.

Luxembourg city is the perfect place to explore if you want a relaxing weekend. There was more to be seen in the country, but as we were both feeling pretty exhausted we wanted to keep this trip more slow-paced as well.

Have you ever been to Luxembourg?



  1. I would never have even thought to visit Luxembourg but it looks like a cute weekend getaway! It's so lovely that you go away with your parents, I might have to pitch a little holiday to my Mum xx

    1. It was lovely El! and so close too, so great for a weekend jaunt! xx


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