Friday, 22 September 2017

New York City | The Kindness of New York

 One thing that struck me instantly about New York was the kindness of complete strangers. On multiple occasions throughout our stay, I was truly touched by the kindness of people I have never even met, and it inspired me to write this post. In England, especially the South, I feel like we get a bit of a bad rep for being friendly and open to others. In New York however, we experienced random kindness within our first hour of landing at JFK. Expect this post to be a long one as I have loads of examples of the kindness of New York!

Whilst on the train to Manhattan from the airport, it's safe to say that after being awake for so long, we were pretty clueless. A confusing announcement over the tannoy meant that we were unsure of whether the train would still be going on it's original course. Clearly we were looking like panicked tourists when a kind local wearing a Mets shirt, offered his assistance and advised us to stay on the train and we'd get to the stop we needed! Both of us were so relieved and impressed by this strangers kindness.

We also encountered this kindness on the way back to the airport (our airport trips were not the highlight of the trip clearly!) when we had ended up in the wrong station. In my defence, there were more than one station with the same name. Luckily, with our huge suitcases, it was very obvious where we were going and someone working at the station kindly pulled us aside to tell us how to get to the correct station; before we even knew we were in the wrong place! Unfortunately, we made our way to the airport with plenty of time, and all thanks to this kind stranger.

On our very first morning in New York, we headed to the Hard Rock cafe for breakfast; neither of us had never been and had always wanted to, so doing it in the Big Apple was even more exciting! We had a lovely (and HUGE!) breakfast before asking if there was anything of Elvis' in the cafe, as Dan is a huge fan. The lovely waitress went out of her way to show us everything in the cafe, even taking us into areas which were being set up for a huge brunch they have! It was so kind of her, and really made our first morning.

One of the things we wanted to do when we were in New York was to visit the 9/11 memorial to pay our respects to those who lost their lives. We were a little unsure as to where we were going, but someone stopped as we were looking at our map and told us clearly where we needed to go which was very kind of him! Seconds later, he saw us looking for somewhere to eat and recommended a lovely sandwich shop further down the street. We were so hungry, and very grateful for his kindness!

Speaking of food, we went to Chipotle for the first time ever and when it came around to paying, we realised that the lovely sales assistant had used a discount of some sort to make our bowls half price. I didn't even see if there was actually a deal on, and think she might have used her own staff discount which was so lovely of her! I was beginning to be blown away by the amount of kindness we had experience already, only two days into our trip.

Even down to the silly gestures, like smiling at other people on the street. I'm pretty sure that when I do that in the UK, 9/10 I will not get even an inkling of a smile back. In New York, it was more like 9/10 I did get a smile back which was so refreshing! We even had a conversation with a lady in Central Park for a good fifteen minutes after her dog came up to us. Madness, but it was so lovely to see other people being so kind to one another.

Another thing I saw was a man walking down a street on the Upper East Side, giving money to every homeless person he saw. There was quite a lot of this in New York, but this man even TURNED AROUND to give someone some money. I genuinely almost cried after witnessing this act of kindness!

NYC is one of the best places I've visited yet. Whilst the city was magical and exciting, it also really felt like somewhere you could call home. Especially with the amount of kindness we experienced whilst we were there for the week!

Have you ever been to NYC? Did you find everyone so kind?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I've heard so many people say how friendly New Yorkers are, which is funny because I find they're often portrayed as too busy to notice anyone but themselves! It's nice to know that's not true :)

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    1. Honestly, the experience we had was the complete opposite! Most people were so friendly, and helpful xx


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