Friday, 2 March 2018

February 2018 in Numbers

 The evenings are starting to get lighter, and this is one of my favourite times of the year. Winter is still here, but the signs of Spring are starting to show and it's an exciting feeling after the freezing few months we've just had/the bitter end of February! It's been a good month, although I am ready for a bit more sunshine now.

3 books read, including Stacey Dooley's new book which was fantastic. It was so insightful, as her work always is, and I really enjoyed reading it. Stacey's work is so important, and I've always admired what she does.

1 country walk. My Mum and I headed to Wandlebury near Cambridge for a sunny Saturday walk which was lovely.

2 lovely meals with my Grandparents. Spending time with my grandparents is always great so it was nice to see both my parents' parents this month.

1 new phone. I've traded my iPhone in for a Samsung A3, and I'm loving it so far! I definitely made the right decision; the camera and battery life are so impressive.

1 night out with my best friends from school. It was so nice to catch up, and we had a great night in the local pubs!

How has February been for you? Are you looking forward to Spring?


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely chilled out month! I'm excited for this snow to clear and for it to starting getting more Spring-y!


    1. I've had such a lovely month. I agree, the snow was a bitter end but hopefully it's on its way out now! XX

  2. Aah you had such a good February! Mine was pretty good too, I met up with friends, went to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman and Three Billboards and started planning my next trip to nyc. It got really cold at the end though, so I'm happy when spring arrives! :)

    X Marjolein

    1. Oh I really want to see both of these films - especially the Three Billboards! Planning a trip to NYC sounds great. Definitely agree with you that I am looking forward to Spring! XX


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