Saturday, 30 June 2018

June 2018 in Numbers

What lovely weather we've been having, I really hope it's here to stay! There's nothing nicer than relaxing in the sunshine with my book on my lunch hour. The sunshine just lifts my spirits, and I always feel that bit happier when the sun is shining.

1 trip to Canterbury to visit my friend Mary. We had a lovely time in the sunshine, there's no city quite like Canterbury in the sunshine. I really miss living there, so it's always a treat to head back!

5 years spent with Dan. We celebrated our fifth anniversary by going out for dinner at Pircio. Based in Bishop's Stortford, this restaurant served Turkish and Italian food which was delicious. I also had probably the best porn star martini I've ever had. Well worth a visit if you're local!

3 mosaics made at a class in my parents village. I had a great time, and found it very therapeutic. I'll definitely be doing more!

1 wedding tasting which was delicious. It's so exciting to have these final touches coming together. We're so excited after our tasting - the caterer really made us feel at ease and the food was absolutely delicious as well!

10 books read. I'm going to thank the world cup for that one! Football is not really my bag, but books definitely are and I've been enjoying reading whilst Dan watches the games.

I cannot believe we are already half way though this year, here's to July!

How was June for you?

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