Sunday, 8 December 2019

Ko Tao | Saving the best to last

When we headed back to Thailand to explore some of the islands, I had every intention of writing a post about all four we were due to visit (Phi Phi, Samui, Phangnan and Tao), but have decided just to focus on the one I would return to - Ko Tao.

I'll be honest, I didn't fall in love with Thailand as I had expected to. It is a beautiful country with so much to see and do, but in my opinion a hard act to follow after Vietnam. Having said that, our final island destination (Ko Tao) completely stole my heart and I could have stayed there for much longer than the four days we spent. As soon as our ferry docked, we knew almost instantly that we would fall in love with the place.

We chose to stay at the Simple Life resort which was reasonable, and really nice. The bed we stayed in was one of the best I've slept in since leaving the UK in September! We were able to organise the Oxygen snorkel tour through our hotel which was a real highlight of the trip. 

For 850 baht (approx. £22) we had a whole day on the water with lunch included. This was a real highlight of our stay and I couldn't recommend Oxygen tours enough. We had five stops during the day, and the team were so good - one guy would come into the water with us each time, and even helped us to find a baby shark! The snorkelling was great, and it was my first experience of this properly as well so it was a special day. One of the best stops was Ko Nang Yuan, a small island just off of Ko Tao pictured above. There is a viewpoint there offering stunning views, and the water was ideal for snorkelling - this is where we saw the baby shark. We had a delicious lunch on the boat after this before heading to our final four stops of the day. The oxygen tour is definitely worth doing if you are heading to Ko Tao. 

Some of the best sunsets we have seen were on Ko Tao, best watched from one of the beach bars along the seafront. Our favourites were Lotus Bar, who do a fire show starting at 8pm (and finishing at who knows when! It was still going at 10pm) and Fizz Bar. Fishbowl had decent live music and loads of beer pong tables, although it does get swamped by the bar crawl by the end of the night. We also headed to a cabaret show, which was good but I definitely preferred the one in Chaing Mai. 

Ko Tao is such a stunning island, and if you are limited on time then I would recommend bumping this to the top of your list. The scenery is stunning, and it was the perfect place to relax. 


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