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I'm Hannah, a religious studies graduate, living in Essex. I'm twenty five years old, and I had been reading blogs for a while before deciding to set one up myself in June 2014.

Suitcase and Sandals is a lifestyle blog and, for me, a place to write about my experiences. I want to post about things I've seen and enjoyed, so that I can look back when I am older and remember all of the fun things I got up to. Sometimes, I'll be digging a little deeper, perhaps looking at a documentary I enjoyed, or sharing my opinions on topical issues. I occasionally enjoy cooking so you may see a couple of posts on here about that, and you will 100% see posts about food cooked by others. I'll be sharing posts of my travels, as and when my budget allows, which is definitely more now that I'm no longer on a student budget. Since leaving University I've travelled to 10 new countries including Poland, Czechia and Sweden.

In 2019, I'm hoping to do the 12 in 12 challenge - I've said that six of these places must be new countries and the other 6 new cities in places I may have visited before!

Outside of the digital world, I work in admin, and I am obsessed with pyjamas. You cannot beat a good pair of pyjamas, a bath or a book.



  1. Hello Hannah, I love travelling too myself. I used to be a flight attendant and I loved it! I love USA. I wish you all the best on your travelling. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. xx

    1. Thankyou for your comment! ahh wow, I bet you got to travel alot then! I'm really scared of flying but I won't let it stop me from travelling! I've never been to the USA so Its nice to hear good things about it :) xx

  2. Your travel stops don't sound bad at all! I've also been to Amsterdam this year, plus Berlin and Hamburg. Can't wait to go to New York too! :D

    Assia www.assiashahin.com

    1. New York was amazing! I'd love to go to Berlin, and Hamburg as I have not really seen much of Germany. Amsterdam is a great city - I can't wait to go back! XX


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