Monday, 16 June 2014

Blog Design: LoveFromBe

 This post is all about the fabulous LoveFromBe who designed my blog which I absolutely loved! I approached Be (with NO idea what I was doing after trying and failing to design my own blog) after hearing about her blog design for Daisy Drops which is gorgeous. Be,, very kindly, did my blog design for free which was incredibly generous of her and I was so grateful! However, she is extremely busy at the moment with exams and studying (Good Luck!!) so don't rush to get your orders in for now. A little birdie told me she has an exciting surprise for you all on the 30th June so check out her blog for updates at

 Initially, Be told me to check out some of the colour schemes I liked and I sent her a few examples of the ones I liked going along with a pastel scheme. When Be showed me the colours she had chosen when she showed me the blog design I instantly fell in love, they were gorgeous and even nicer than the ones I had in mind!

The design elements are truly gorgeous! They are so girly and I love the purple colour that they come in. It also makes my blog much easier to navigate and I was so pleased that Be included these for me. She was so helpful and created this blog for me in such a super quick time, I was so impressed! I thought it was going to take weeks but she had it all done for me and even applied to template to my blog for me as I was so clueless - I am so grateful!!

I think Be captured everything I want my blog to be perfectly in this blog design, especially the Header that she created for me. I love pink, and all things girly which is really well represented here. I love the globe too and the buildings around it as I want to travel the world and blog abut the things I do, as my blog name suggests, which made the blog design even more appealing to me. I honestly couldn't thank Be enough because I just love my blog design that she created!!

Thank you so much to Be for designing my blog for me! You were so helpful, even though I was so clueless about what to do I probably made your job a lot more difficult. Thank you! 

 What do you think of my beautiful blog design? 


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