Tuesday, 10 June 2014

There's only One Direction!

 Is it embarrassing that I am 20 years old and I love One Direction? Maybe a little, but I recently went to their Where We Are Tour at Wembley Stadium and it was 1Dful, pardon the puns. Unfortunately, we missed the support act who were "5 Seconds of Summer" but I didn't REALLY mind...One Direction were who I was there for! I travelled up with Mary Styles (or so she thinks), my friend from University and we posed outside the stadium in her One Direction top.

My top (which is really Mary's) is from the last One Direction tour, my skirt is from Primark and I absolutely love it and my shoes are my £5 new look bargain!

Mary's top is obviously from the last One Direction tour, her shoes are from Cath Kidson, her sunnies are from Dorothy Parkins and her trousers are from Uniqlo.

Unfortunately, Mary had to go in after a while and I waited for my friends who had been delayed which was so unlucky. I eventually met up with Emily and her friend Rosie from university but we realised that we had to go in different entrances! I waved goodbye to them and went into One Direction on my own. Luckily Becca got there at around 8.15. Becca's Dads' company had Club Wembley so we were in the Gold members section which was amazing! We were in the front row which was right up my street because I didn't fancy standing for too long, I was shattered! We obviously did a lot of dancing though...

One Direction put on such a brilliant performance – I loved it! I wish I could go again already…Our seats were amazing, the boys were fabulous and the atmosphere was so great! I have never seen so many screaming and crying girls, it was madness. Niall was definitely the favourite, my ears hurt so much every time he came on because everyone was screaming so loudly. Personally, One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful were highlights for me. They were great!

Have you been to any of the WWAT concerts? What did you think?


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