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Travel Tick-list

I love to Travel and I have not done enough of it. I'm desperate to go and see new places and explore what different cultures have to offer. There is nothing better than strolling round a new city, or walking down to a foreign beach for dinner. I can't wait until I can properly pack up and go and see the world!

 I'm going to begin with a few places I have already been to, which were on my Travel Tick-list.


 I have been to mainland Spain quite a few times, to the Canary Islands, specifically Gran Canaria once and also to Majorca and Menorca which are Balearic Islands. I love Spain; the culture, the food and the language and Madrid and Barcelona were both firmly on my Travel Tick-list. 


 Madrid is such a stunning Spanish city that I have been lucky enough to go to twice, once in February 2012, and again in April 2013. I'm extremely lucky that one of my best friends lives about 30 minutes from Madrid so we can just catch the bus into the centre. One of the main reasons I love Madrid is because of Churros, the most perfect sugary donut stick things ever. Another reason would be the city itself. There are so many gorgeous buildings, cute little side streets and culture filled squares, I actually think it is impossible to dislike this beautiful city. I love wandering around aimlessly with my friends, and stopping in the squares for an occasional 'Cola Light' whilst soaking up the sunshine (if you are lucky!) and the atmosphere. I already can't wait to return.


 Beautiful Barcelona. Need I say more? This city is surprisingly different to Madrid. When I initially booked the city break with Dan, I thought it would be the same! However, it is very different but just as gorgeous. I love both of these cities so much. Barcelona has so much culture especially along La Ramblas, the main street. If you fancy looking more at what we got up to in Barcelona and why I love it so much have a look at my blog posts on our trips there: 12 and 3! There was so much to do there, and I loved looking around the city and discovering new things. I especially enjoyed the Jewish Synagogue there, and the food was amazing. 


 I was lucky enough to go to Brazil in 2010 for three weeks and I can honestly say it was such an incredible experience. We worked in the Favelas for two and half weeks and then spent half a week relaxing by the beach and sightseeing in Rio. I met some lovely people, ate some delicious food and fell in love with a drink called Guarana which you can now buy in the UK. 

Belo Horizonte

This city is the one we stayed in for two and half weeks whilst carrying out our work in the favela. It was a massive city, and the one thing I remember after landing was the crazy driving and the stupidly steep hills that were so scary! We had such an amazing time here, and I feel we really saw a lot of the culture of Brazil. We ate beans and rice for lunch, listened to favela parties in the evenings but also went into the city. We went to the hippy fair, markets but also did some sight seeing in general. We also experienced a lot of the foods such as Coxinha which I guess is like a scotch egg type thing but with chicken instead of egg - it was lovely.

Rio De Janiero

Wow, just wow. We were only here for a day but I wish we had had more time to experience this city. We obviously went to the Christ Redeemer and I can't even express how impressive it was. You really don't see how big it is until you are standing there in front of it. Incredible. Then we drove across to the Sugar Loaf mountain and got a scary cable car up to the top. Both of the views we saw were truly breath taking. I wish we could have stayed longer to experience things like Copacabana. This is why Brazil has to be back on my Travel Tick-list as there is so much more still to see here!

Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio was a seaside resort. We went there for a few days to relax before heading back home to the UK. All I'm going to say is beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches! They were truly stunning. We also went into the town for dinner and some shopping as well which was lovely. It was a perfect way to rest and end our three week adventure in Brazil. 

 Now, onto the countries/cities I've not yet visited but that I am dying to go to. I wish I had won the lottery so I could make these dreams a reality!

  • Paris - I'm hoping to get to Paris at some point in the next few years for my 21st Birthday!
  • Florida - I'm heading here on the 8th July for three weeks of disney, seaworld and sunshine fun! 
  • Istanbul - I'm desperate to visit this city. I cannot wait to finally be able to say I am going to this european/asian city in the gorgeous Turkey
  • Marrakesh - Markets and Camels come at me, oh and some lovely Moroccan food and clothing please!
  • Prague - Wintery prague sounds amazing, I'm just imagining the christmas markets
  • Poland - I have polish roots in my heritage so I'm counting down the days to visit this country, especially the places that my Grandpa grew up in 
  • Ireland - I also have Irish roots and I want to see where my Grandma grew up, as well as a couple of the more traditional touristy cities like Dublin
  • Rome - Pizza, Pasta, Sight seeing and Gelato! What more could a girl want? I ALSO have Italian roots so I would like to be able to go to the country that blessed me with olive skin and extraordinary pasta twirling skills 
  • Australia - Sun sun sun! I have heard amazing things about Australia and would love to take my boyfriend here to see some of the amazing animals
  • New York - XOXO Gossip Girl. I feel like it would be rude not to go to NYC during my lifetime. It looks incredible
  • Lisbon - Not necessarily a world famous tourist city unlike places like Rome, but this is somewhere I would love to visit after my boyfriend's family went last year and would really like to go back!
  • Mozambique - When I was considering a gap year, this was one of the places that stood out to me. It looks so beautiful
  • Jamaica - I love reggae and I want to sit on a Jamaican beach and soak up the sunshine please?!
  • Venice - Gondola's look pretty cool, and I would love to know what it feels like to take a boat as a taxi!
  • Thailand - I'm not sure I have ever seen an ugly picture of Thailand, let alone heard a bad review. My uncle went on a gap year recently and his pictures just looked amazing
  • Norway - Northern Lights. I will not rest until I have seen these!
  • Mexico - I just want an authentic Burrito if I'm being brutally honest
  • Moscow - I really want to see Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • Jordan - I'd love to be an arabian princess for a few days, I think this would be a beautiful country 
  • Israel - As a Religious Studies student, I'm so intrigued by this place and I also, like Jordan, think it would be beautiful
  • Saudi Arabia - Yet again, the religion of this country fascinates me. I also think it would be a pretty cool place to visit with the heat, the buildings and the culture
  • Greece - Santorini, Lindos and Athens all look like places I really want to visit. I have been to Zakynthos before, but I want to experience real Greece not just party Greece
  • Cambodia - A friend who has been travelling recommended me to go there, and I am so up for that! I want to eat street food and visit Angkor Wat. It looks incredible
  • Bali - Bali looks like the perfect place to relax. I would love to go there with my boyfriend and my kindle and just read for hours by the pool, and then spend the evening on gorgeous sandy beaches!
 I honestly CAN'T include all of the places that I want to visit ever. This has already been a stupidly long blog post and I'd be surprised if any of you are reading this, I'm sorry if you are - I got carried away (blame it on the Wanderlust!). 

 Have you ever been to any of the places I'm so desperate to go to? If so, have you got any tips or recommendations for me for the future? 



  1. Prague is a very beautiful place, I'd definitely go if you have a chance. Also, Florence is amazing and well worth a few days to wander around, I'd go there over Venice.
    If you are in the region of Eastern Europe, don't rule out Budapest, has an amazing zoo and is also a lovely place.

    1. Ooh thank you for the suggestions! I might have to do a European tour and visit all the wonderful places! I really want to go to Budapest - but my list was already getting pretty long. Thankyou for the recommendations! xx

  2. I want to travel everywhere! I love experiencing other cultures and seeing new landmarks. I live near New York City, and you definitely need to go! I love everything about that city and see something new every time I visit!

    Xoxo Rae

    1. Ahhh I can't believe you are from the USA and you have read my blog! Thankyou! I love experiencing other culture too. I think NYC is a must, I really want to go in the winter, it looks amazing from what I've seen. Fingers crossed I can save up and come across within the next few years! xx

  3. I have so much travel planned for 2016. I’ve not taken a proper vacation in years, so I’m kind of going overboard in the upcoming months. We’re visiting all over in India Just for adventure. I can’t believe we’re doing this.
    chowringhee lane southcampus | franchise model

    1. Wow! That sounds absolutely amazing - I hope you have the best time ever. I'm off to Amsterdam and New York this year!


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