Monday, 28 July 2014

Ely | Wildwood

My lovely Grandparents live in Ely, and me and Dan headed there to see them and go for lunch. One of their favourites is Wildwood, and myself and Dan had seen this restaurant in Canterbury before and were so desperate to try it, so off to Wildwood we went! It was really hard to take photos so once again I'm apologising for the photos on this post. We did our best (my lovely Dan is always helping me out for my blog!)

 The inside was so posh, but also really light which I found welcoming. We were led to our seats which had a sky window above them (and were really comfy!). I found it really cool that the pizza oven, which was pretty much right next to us, was covered in 2p pieces; it was such a nice touch and made the restaurant a little different to other places I had been to before. We were served our drinks and me and my Grandma went for raspberry bellinis and my Grandpa and Dan went for a pint of beer! The bellini was delicious, although I think I would have preferred the peach flavoured one, unfortunately they had run out of the peach puree. We also had some delicious garlic and rosemary bread. I'm a sucker for garlic bread and this one was of course delicious!!

We then ordered our main course, and I went for Chicken Milanese with Spaghetti and Tomato sauce, and me and Dan ordered a portion of chips to share. The only bad thing I would say about Wildwood was that it didn't say on the menu that there was cheese in the Tomato sauce. Personally, as someone who doesn't eat cheese at all, I felt as though I shouldn't have had to check with them about whether it had cheese in it, it should have been on the menu. Instead of the Spaghetti, Dan let me eat the chips instead which were gorgeous! The chicken was also really tasty - i'd definitely have it again, just making sure I ordered the chips instead! (My Grandpa jokingly complained, and the staff were efficient and offered us to have our garlic bread for free which impressed me, although my Grandpa said he was joking in the end!)

Apart from me being fussy, Wildwood was great. I loved the restaurant itself, the layout was perfect - I didn't feel too crowded which can sometimes be the case in restaurants. I loved the lighting as it felt like I could actually see, and I thought it was nice that they had sofa seating at the front for those just wanting cocktails and drinks, or perhaps those who are waiting for their table in the evening. They also had a cinema room which you could hire for the evening, and I saw candy floss and popcorn machines at the entrance. I thought this was a really nice touch, and something different - it would be perfect for parties! They also had a childrens playroom which is something most restaurants of this style don't usually have, and I thought that was a nice touch as well. Overall, I was very impressed!

 I think myself and Dan will be returning to Wildwood, perhaps we will try the one in Canterbury out too. I had a lovely time visiting my Grandparents, as always!

 Have you ever been to one of the Wildwood restaurants?


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